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Definition: Analytics or analytical entry.
  1. An entry for a part of an item for which a comprehensive entry is also made
  2. separating something into component parts or constituent elements
  3. distinguishing the component parts of something so as to discover it true nature or inner relatshionships.

Analytics = a full bibliographic record.

Any time each separate physical piece of a set (defined number of vols to be published) or a series (indefinite) has a unique title and a method of numbering printed on the item, create a full bibliographic record or "analytics".

For a set, the note 590 ANALYTICS PER CONTENTS is added to the record and the items are given the same call number with the addition of holdings in the 050/090.

For a series that is numbered create analytics by making a separate full bib record for each title. The first time the series is added to the collection, follow instructions found in the authority record on OCLC to determine whether to catalog as s(eparate) or c(collection) and use the call number on the authority record. Create a main entry record and add the 590 ANALYTICS PER CONTENTS note and create a record for the separate item. Link the item record (barcode) to the individual item BIB ID and to the main entry BIB ID. If there is not an authority record and/or main entry record, the decision will be made by the Principal Cataloger. The Principal cataloger will determine if the topic will result in very similar call numbers and/or very similar subject headings or not. If so they items will be cataloged and classed together to assist patron use. The Principal Cataloger will catalog the main entry and first analytic and create a serial checkin record for series decision. Subsequent issues, will be given the same call number including the holding for that item and be linked to the main entry record.

For a series that is not numbered, we catalog separately with each item having its own bib record.



Analytics in Alma

Alma offers a special display for users for titles with analytics and bound-withs. Alma links with other linking fields. 


Analytics in Alma using 773

773     18$w990004211590206076 $tRecent researches in the music of the Middle Ages and early Renaissance. $gno:42 $9LOCAL