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Barcoding New Items

During the OCLC cataloging process:
General cataloging with F8 - add/edit item with barcode in Alma

During Receiving
Monograph orders - default holding and item are created by Alma - these need to be edited
Serial orders - predicted items; receive and edit item

During cataloging in files to be process with an import profile:
Example of DVDS - ## is for the barcode
949  NdU ǂb UNDPD ǂc AVVID ǂd ## ǂe 38
975  UND ǂ9 LOCAL
Example of federal document where default barcode is generated
949 a NdU ǂb UNDRP ǂc WWFED
967 a E
966 a P

Once the item is cataloged, the item must be linked to the bibliographic record through the HOLdings record. Make sure orders are correctly linked to the bibliographic and/or item record
a) If the item is an ANAlytic, edit the individual title with linking field to main title. Example: 77318$w990004211590206076 $tRecent researches in the music of the Middle Ages and early Renaissance. $gno:42 $9LOCAL Edit the item on the main title's holding record.
b) If the item is not an ANAlytic, procede to add/edit the item record
There are four tabs on the item
tab 1 - General - fill these fields in:
material type
PO line (as appropriate)
Receiving Date
Enumeration (if appropriate)
Chronology (if appropriate)
Description (follow NISO standards)    
Process type (or add work order)
Copy ID
Item policy
Is magnetic - NO
Expected receiving date (for current serials)

tab 2 - ENUM/CHRON
fill in (if appropriate; follow NISO standards)

tab 3 - Notes
Fulfillment note (if appropriate) e.g. INCLUDES: 2 discs
Internal note (may fill in for special instructions - Return to ## when returned
Statistical Note - always fill in (on statistics form); except books which were 000

tab 4 - History - view for actions history




When creating a portfolio from scratch, one screen is presented
Once it has been created there are tabs

In the Metadata Editor, add Inventory, Add portfolio
Use existing title
It displays in Choose title
Portfolio type: Standalone (unless working with an eCollection)
Library: choose from dropdown (mandatory)
Interface name: choose from dropdown (if available)
Date information is for serials
Inventory and linking:
URL - enter plain URL without ezproxy
Proxy enabled: choose No or Yes
Proxy: Default (Currently: Proxy URL)
Availability status: Active (inactive if still on order, etc.)
Electronic materials type: select from dropdown
Notes: usually supply Public note

Multi-tab editing
General --
Available (unless on order)
Electronic material type: choose from drop down
Activation date:
If in a collection, Interface name display
Library: choose from dropdown (mandatory)
Access type: choose from drop down
Linking --
Parser: default (usually ok)
Static URL: may be same as default
Static URL (override) if different from Parser or Static
Proxy enabled: No or yes
Proxy selected: Default (Currently: Proxy URL)
Coverage --
volume and date ranges for serials
Acquisitions --
PO Line - choose from menu
Notes --
Usually supply Public note
Related portfolios - if part of an eCollection
History --
tracks changes