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Software Policies

Cataloging software. Catalog according to current rules and standards. There are two types of software.


  • Most often this would be cataloged for UND9. Items may also be cataloged for UNDB, branches (Sp.Col., Geol, FineArts, Energy, or Serials), or other locations as appropriate. Consult Statistical Class for complete list.
  • Records must have Form: s; 006 [unless Type is "m"], and 007
  • Software which is the primary data that may be accompanied by a manual or documentation
  • Book, journal, or other item which is the primary material accompanied by software, usually giving additional or supplementary information to the primary material
  • Items will be cataloged for the location or by characteristics of the primary material (no additional shelflist code is added for the software)
    • OCLC bibliographic record must be updated with 300 and 538 tags:
      300 -- add: + $e
      300 -- example: 1 computer disk (3 1/2 in.)
      300 -- example: 1 computer optical disc (sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in.) -- OR -- 1 CD-ROM (sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in.)
      538 -- add: System requirements for accompanying disc/disk: (disc is round, disk is square)
      538 -- example: 538 System requirements for accompanying disc: PC, CD-ROM drive, sound card


    Software will usually be in a pocket inside back cover of printed material. Containers may need to be provided by staff processing the software. This may be a plastic bag or other container appropriate for software.


    Notes on item records: Add CIRC Note tab3
    • a) software accompanied by other materials, add to item record:
      INCLUDES: _____________ (ex: 1 manual and 1 reference guide)
      • b) book, journal, etc. accompanied by software, add to item record:
        INCLUDES:______________ (ex: 1 computer disk in pocket inside back cover)


    Holdings / Descrption tab2
    Journals or any other materials requiring a holdings statement, add to holdings
    • + disk (ex: V13 + disk)
    • SAMPLE DISPLAY v. 12
      v.13 no.1-6
      v.13 no.7-12 + disk
      V.14 no. 1 1995 May + disk
    • Supplementary material in book (1 barcode) 
      1 v. + 1 CD-ROM
    • Supplementary materials (multiple barcodes)
      book has no Tab2 Description
      supplementary material has Tab2 Description
      (Note: if use an 866, use quotes: v. 3 + "teacher's guide")



    Barcode and security strips Use small barcodes. Make sure as little text as possible is covered.
    • Magnetic software (floppy):
      1. 1 barcode on the software and 1 on the container (e.g. book cover, jewel case)
      2. Do not strip software
    • Non-magnetic software (CD, CD-ROM, DVD, DVD-ROM):
      1. 1 barcode on the software and 1 on the container (e.g. book cover, jewel case)
      2. Journal issues to be bound: 1 barcode on the container (e.g. journal cover). Barcode on bound volume will be photocopied and taped on disk.
      3. Strip CD-ROMS and cover with plastic cover or use plastic cover with embedded strips


    • Label containers such as jewel cases, plastic bags, envelopes, book the item is in, etc.
    • No call number labels are required on the software, except:
    • Journal issues to be bound: at checkin, the call number will be written on non-magnetic software (CD's etc.) with a fine-tip sharpie (only near the hub on 2-sided DVD's)


    Circulation warning labels
    Books, journals, etc. containing software will have a label added to the outside reasonably near the barcode:
    • for magnetic software, also add:      DO NOT DESENSITIZE


    Software accompanying journals will be retained if it reasonably meets the following criteria:
    1. Accompanying software must be related to the textual content of the journal, and thereby support the curriculum needs for which the journal was originally selected.
    2. It should have data to supplement an article, is an article, or is a stated supplement to the journal.
    3. It should be cited on the cover, title page, contents page, or in an article.