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Inventory Report Work

Circulation staff reads a section of shelves and puts items in order.
	Any items found out of place in an already inventoried area must be SID'd. 
	The same section is wanded by a wanding crew.
Circulation sends the file from the inventory scanner to the mainframe.
Circulation keeps track of call number ranges scanned and dates they were scanned.
ABC prints the CI-80 report the next day.
ABC staff is scheduled to receive CI-80 reports and work through them

Look at error messages for the third item listed. Correct bib and item.
Look at ALL call numbers listed. Correct all anomalies on item and/or bib record.
 	Analytics - check call numbers with holdings in call number field
		* main entry should have note: 590  Analytics per contents
		* call number and holdings should include enumeration  
			- some vol. numbers will be listed as "out of sequence" 
			because 9 comes before 1 in 10
		* call number AND holdings should include enumeration
		* 5 or less titles not yet done as analytics - catalog; 
			more, put title in file to do later
		* link item to separate title and CIL to main
		* make enumeration consistent
		* enter series in correct format on main and analytic records
 	"Item record not found"
		* go get the book - it is there! Catalog and/or correct item record
 	Call number with incomplete date
		* these need to be added to the item record; check the bib for
		 correct call number  
 	ANY call number formatted wrong, check and fix bib and/or item record.
		 Examples: missing period, two periods, missing letter in cutter
 	"Item record and input shelflist do not match" - 
		* if it is for UNDK - you MUST SID
		* if it is for some other shelflist, fix the problem
 	"Out of sequence" 
		* may be listed because call number is wrong on item record;
			check bib, then fix
			Example: B945.E24 A3 v.1
                                                 B945.S24 A3 v.2    
                                                 B945.E24 A3 v.3 "Out of sequence"
				Really 2nd item is wrong - .S24 should be .E24
		* may be listed because 0 "zero" and O "oh" are misused. 
			An O "oh" before P that says it's out of sequence is
			 probably mis-input as 0 "zero". Check bib and fix.
		* call numbers are sorted in this list by the first 2 elements or
			any element before the first cutter; subsequent elements are
			"nothing before something" and character by character which
			results in things like 9 coming before 1 in "10"

 	Call number in/not in item record:
		* Some item records have no call number in the call number field. If 
			there is no call number in a bib record, the call number field 
			is left blank. 
		* If there is no call number on the item record, but there is a call
			 number on the bib record, the call number (which of the 2
			 090's ??) downloads into the item record at the time the
			 report is generated. Check book and fix bib and item.
		* If there is no call number in the item record, and there is no
			bib record the message says BIB RECORD NOT FOUND
		*  If there is a call number in the item record but no BIB record 
			exists, it is not listed as a problem in CI-80 
 	Any time you find multiple 090 fields, determine correct one and delete
		the wrong one		
 	Put time spent and number checked and number fixed on stats sheets

Two problems that won't be caught by PALS:
		1.  Nothing alerts us that no bib record exists if there is a call
		 	number in the item record.
		2.  If there is a call number in the item record and there is a bib
			record but the call number doesn't match the item record,
			then the problem is not listed on CI-80. It doesn't check 
			the bib for a call number unless the item has no call number; 
			therefore, it doesn't check to see if two call numbers match 
			or not.

ABC delivers the CI-82 report to Circulation
Circulation goes to the shelves to check for misshelved or mislabeled items which are 
	delivered to ABC.
Circulation SID's any items that are found out of place.

CI-80 generates lists of: out-of sequence, charged, no item, no bib. From this list ABC
	is trying to correct analytics, call numbers that should have numbering, CIL's,
	wrong call numbers, etc. 
Access Services is to correct the out-of-sequence that really are and misshelved and 
	take care of charged items.  Any item reshelved into an areas already wanded 
	must be SID'd. Access Services keeps track of sections wanded and starting date
	for each section to be included in the next CI-82 report. 

Shelby will generate the CI-82 report upon completion of the checking of CI-80 reports.
	If the area is likely to have UNDK books, generate 2 separate reports.

A/BC will check the shelves against the CI-82 report.
	* Note items that are on the shelf. DCG and SID
	* Note the existence of other vols or copies when an item is really missing.
		CIV the missing item barcode with the note: OTHER VOLS. This will be
		a clue to RIR but not DELH
	* Note, check on and correct suspected problems, eg. a vol. of a journal shelved
		 in the stacks; analytics
		 done wrong, etc. 
	* CHG all remaining barcodes to special ID 23100000000209 LOST-INVNT
		(NOTE: when 5000 have been charged to the first Special ID, another 
		one will need to be created because the custom report can list only 5000)
Shelby will generate the custom report and the Special ID report the same day
	* The Special ID report will be compared to the special report item by item to
		look for discrepancies in call number, location, etc.
		- the special ID list will print separate pages for things in the wrong 
		location - the CI-80 prints call numbers from the item record unless 
		there is no call number field; then it pulls a call number from the
		bib record and adds it
		- the special ID list, prints the call number from the bib record - the
		custom report prints the call number from the item record
			  (by comparing the two, problems can be detected)
Shelby will generate a second CI-82 which should represent items missing because they 
	are not on the shelf, rather than because they are mislabeled or misbarcoded
	or cataloged
Circulation will double check the second CI-82 and SID any they find and continue SID'ing
	inventoried collections
Shelby will generate another custom report and the Special ID report the same day once 
	Circulation has SID'd everything from the second CI-82. This should represent
	actually missing items to consider for withdrawal.


In order to generate statistics, provide information for Collection Development and 
	facilitate ABC's handling of withdrawals, etc. two reporting mechanisms will be used:
		Special ID report
		Custom report from CI-50

The Special ID report will be printed and given to Collection Development just prior to
	beginning the RIR/DELH process. This list will show what types of materials have been
	lost with author, title and call number.

The custom report will be used by ABC as a working list: to write notes while resolving 
	problems, to use to RIR, and to use to determine which ones to DELH. By highlighting
	the OTHER VOLS note, an easy count can be made of how many items and how many bibs 
	are withdrawn. This will provide FDA with needed statistics. RIR's with BIB LINKS
	need to be CIL'd UNLINK before RIRing.

Custom Report

The custom report will be printed in call number order which should match the special ID
	report for ease of comparison. Parameters are:
	search strategy:	I1050 EQ 23100000000209 (or additional no.) AND I0150 EQ C
	Sort by call #:		I9200
	Print:			I9200
				I0250	bib id
				I6050	bib link
				I0300	location
				I0330	normal location
				I0360	shelflist
				I0510	inventory date
				I9400	holding
				I0650	copy
				I9600	notes
Expiration:			Y
	Format: heading		Y
	Display type:		F
	Compact:		N
	Page heading:		INVENTORY LIST - 1 (number sequentially through 
						groups of the collection inventoried)


	* Anything lost more than (3) years will be withdrawn once the majority 
	  of the collection as been inventoried and 2nd CI-82 has been checked by
	* Any item barcode with the note: OTHER VOLS should be only RIR'd - 
	  do NOT DELH on OCLC
	* Any item with a bib link, must FIRST be unlinked before it is RIR'd.
	* All other missing items will be RIR'd on ODIN and DELH'd on OCLC.
	* UNDA, use 5/15/96 as beginning date of inventory