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Local extensions / local fields

Local Technical Services Fields

945  Export data

948  Local notes


945## abcde WRD WXP

948## abcdefghijkl WRD WCT



a) vendor name code (needed if we do PromptCat/Cataloging Partners)

b) budget ex: SPECL-B-2009

c) cataloger (user name - login top box)

d) date  yyyy-mm ex: 2009-03

e) note


Report: OWN=UND and WXP=[budget] and [date yyyy-mm]

Search: WXP=[budget] and [date yyyy-mm]


WXP=[user name] and [date yyyy-mm]



a) transaction code

b ) staff login name

c) system number

d) date yyyy-mm-dd

e) OCLC number

f) authority system number

g) bibliographic notes

h) authority notes

i) serial notes

j) order notes

k) invoice notes

l) other


Transaction codes:

INFO - Information

RECAT  Recatalog

RETAIN  Reviewed for deaccessioning  decision is to retain

LOCAL  Local cataloging

WDN - Withdrawn


Draft: 2016-1-25