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Web Print Cataloging

  1. First determine the appropriate type code for the material as it was created. See OCLC Guidelines
  2. All remote access computer files are to be considered published (Rule 9.4B2). The item could a be a map with the corresponding type code for maps, but once it is on the web it is also a remote access file, hence include 006 and 007. A printout of a web site must be considered a reproduction of published material.
  3. Apply AACR cataloging rules according to rules for the material as created.
  4. Apply MARC21 coding according to the original material type.
  5. If cataloging a web page and printout on one record, include appropriate fields for the computer file. Include 245 #h [electronic resource], 006 and 007, and 856, and any other fields appropriate to the remote access file. Include a 530 Also available in print.
  6. If cataloging on a separate record, neither 006 nor 007 should be included; "Form" would be "r", and there would be no GMD. Add 533 to describe the printout.
  7. If a web page was printed and the item is no longer available online, include 856 with a second indicator "blank", the URL in #u, and #z with: This electronic address not accessible when searched on [Date]"

Regarding the treatment of PDF files, the treatment of such files is open to interpretation, especially because it cannot often be determined whether an electronic version is a later manifestation of an existing print version, a simultaneous publication, a precursor to the print version, or even the sole extant version. Given no evidence to the contrary, it is assumed that PDF files are later electronic versions of previously print publications. Consult these resources:

Cataloging Electronic Resources: OCLC-MARC Coding Guidelines
OLAC newletter notes