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Upgrading Minimum Level Records

Upgrade minimum level records only when you are sure you are changing the correct record for the item. Upgrade only when you can correct/improve the entire record. If in doubt, use Change Request Forms to submit changes or simply make changes to the local record.

Can upgrade to level I: K or M
Can upgrade to level I or K: 2, 5, 7; CONSER records with 042 fields cannot be upgraded

Lock and Replace

See also:   Documentation, chapter 4

Replace records only when you are sure you are adding correct and accurate information. This is a permanent change to the OCLC record.

Full level records, I or blank, can be enhanced provided you make the change before editing the record with other changes (other than local changes, e.g. 049, 949).

If UND input the record and no one else has used it, UND can replace it.

If a record does not contain the following fields and our OCLC profile is authorized for the class or subject scheme, the record can be replaced (see Bib Format, section 5.3; see Cataloging User guide):

  1. 006 and 007 fields
  2. 300 Description field data on records with Encoding Level 8 (can't change the ELvl itself)
  3. 090 Call numbers
  4. 6XX 0 Subject headings
  5. 655 7 Genre terms. #2 ___
  6. 505 If a record does not contain a contents note, it may be added. Add only when they provide additional access or identification for the record.
  7. 856 If the record does not contain an 856 field, it may be added. If the record contains one in error, you can correct or add information to the existing field.
  8. Serial maintenance: "close-out", link, edit, and or correct NON-CONSER (CONSER records have 042: lc, lcd, nlc, nsdp, isds/c, nst, msc) records with fewer than 10 holdings (see Cataloging User guide, section 6.8)

To lock and replace:

  1. Main menu: Action
  2. Lock master record [Alt F8]
  3. Edit
  4. Replace record to correct OCLC - OR -- Replace and Update to correct OCLC and set holdings for UND [F11]
  5. If you change your mind, to unlock the record: Release record lock [Alt F9]


See also:   Documentation

Catalogers with enhance authoritization must follow the guidelines set forth in the Enhance Training Outline

Other cataloging staff should follow Lock and Replace procedures. If it doubt forward materials to Reviewers. Books and scores in these categories must be forwarded to enhance catalogers that:

  1. Lack authority records for access points: 1XX, 4XX, 6XX, 7XX,8XX -- Remember you must verify all of these with authority records in addition to ascertaining the appropriateness of the headings to the content and needs of users.
  2. Situations identified as possible Lock and Replace but due to limitations, they cannot be completed.
  3. Records with Elvl less than [blank] or "I"
  4. Records that to do not meet specifications for full-level records
    See: Chapter 2.4 Full, Core, Minimal and Abbreviated-Level Cataloging at:

Type Code Changes

Due to changes resulting from Format Integration and decisions to code for content rather than carrier, the Type Code may be changed to allow work to continue. Continue to report Type Code changes to OCLC. See  Electronic Bibliographic Change Report

  1. Overtype the incorrect Type Code with the correct one, [F11]
  2. The record redisplays with the fixed field mnemonics of the new Type Code.
  3. Edit the fixed field and any other fields in the record necessary to allow validation.

Error Reporting

There are several options to report changes. Some require proof and must be mailed. For the rest, there are online options.

  1. Those that require proof must be mailed. See chpt. 5.6 of the Bibliographic Formats and Standards. Electronic forms are available at
  2. Error command: Retrieve the bibliographic record that contains the error, type a free-text message describing the error in field 952. Send the record to OCLC by either typing the command "err" at the Home position and press or selecting "report error: from Action menu on CatME. CORC users can submit errors and duplicates using the forms under the Useful Links menu.
  3. Web:

Record Size

  1. Maximum record size:   4,096 characters
  2. Maximum field size:     1,230 characters in a variable field
  3. Maximum variable fields:     50 fields exculding system-supplied 049 and empty call number field