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BIBCO Standard Record - BSR 

Cataloger's Desktop
Cataloging rules, LC rule interpretations, special manuals. [Limited access]

Cataloger's Desktop
Cataloger's Desktop: tips for setting preferences
Cataloger's Desktop Quicktips Cataloger's Desktop "Workshops", Q&A, training resources

Cataloger's Reference Shelf / The Library Corporation

The Cataloger's Reference Shelf provides the following resources. Select from the graphics, or click for text format. To select from a topical area: MARC Data Formats, MARC Code Lists, Other Reference Manuals, Subject Cataloging Manuals

Cataloging Correctly for Kids [restricted access]
Cataloging Web Sites : Chester Fritz Library Guidelines
Cataloging Websites

Classweb, LC subjects, and classification and subject correlations. [Limited access]

Contract Cataloging web sites
Dewey to LC


RSC : RDA Steering Committee (formerly: JSC, Joint Steering Committee for the Revision of Anglo-American Cataloging Rules
The RDA Steering Committee (RSC) is responsible for maintaining RDA: Resource Description and Access.

LC to Dewey (incl. Medical)

MARC 21 Tutorial / Ann Branton and AIping Chen-Gaffey ; based on the LC publication "Understanding MARC bibliographic"

Utility to clean-up bib records, particularly Marcive problems.

Non-filing / Non-sorting characters / Library of Congress :
Guidelines for the Non-Sorting Control Character Technique. It defines guidelines for using the technique, along with tables listing the MARC 21 subfields and fields in which the technique may currently be used. Many detailed examples are also included in the document. 

Provider-Neutral E-Monograph MARC Record 


Series Numbering : final report / BIBCO Working Group on Series Numbering

Summary notes for catalog records / OLAC

Understanding MARC bibliographic : machine-readable cataloging / Library of Congress

Technical Services