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North Dakota W1040300 W0963300 N0490000 N0455600
Grand Forks W0970134 N0475538
Zero datum = 779.00 ft msl
flood stage = 28 ft USGS: Nortern most: 49'0" (49.0000), Southern most: 45'56'46" (45.9460) Eastern most: 96'33'32" (-96.5590) Western most: 104'3'14" (-104.0540)


Bounding Box Tool / use for 034 and 255


Date Codes for Maps / compiled by Phil Hoehn


Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials (Cartographic) Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials (Cartographic) is available as a free PDF. Use with the MARC 040 code "dcrmc." It will be in Cataloger's Desktop and the PCC BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) will also be updated to include DCRM(C).


DMS Converter (which converts geographic coordinates from degrees, minutes, and seconds to decimal degrees)


Subclass G (Cartographic Materials) - Special Instructions and Tables of Subdivisions


G schedule cutters (G1548-G9804)


LC Guidelines for distinguishing cartographic computer files


Map Projections 


MARC21 description of 342 field


Scale calculator


State Coordinates


USGS topo symbols


Western Association of Map Libraries� Map Librarian�s Toolbox

Geographic Names

U.S. Board on Geographic Names
The Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) is the Federal and national standard for geographic nomenclature. Includes option to search Domestic for United States and its Territories - Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) and another option to search Foreign names - NGA GEOnet Names Server (GNS)
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Domestic (i.e. US)
Search:  OR

NGA GEOnet Names Server part of GBN

Gazetter of Australian Place Names


Canada's official geographic names Web site


Geographic names and the world wide web Library of Congress, CPSO links and instructions how to use the GNIS search form for U.S. domestic names or the GEOnet Names Server for foreign names.


USGS National Mapping Information : Home Page Links to geographic resources by subject, links to GNIS, National Atlas of the United States, etc. and Geospatial data sites.


Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names (TGN : Getty Information Institute) Search the world. Hierachically arranged geographic data that is global in scope. It comprises records for approximately 900,000 places in the modern world, and including vernacular and historical names, place types, and other relevant information.


New Zealand Geographic Place-Names Database


Ordnance Survey Gazetteer of place names (U.K.)


U.S. Gazetteer

Online Maps

Broer Map Library / Cartography Associates The Broer Map Library has nearly ca. 2,800 maps including historic USGS maps in 45 states.


David Rumsey Map Collection / Cartography Associates Over 6000 maps including Lewis & Clark Expedition


Graphical Locator Home Page Northwest quarter of earth


Landsat archive The USGS Landsat archive is an unequaled 35-year record of the Earth?s surface that is valuable for a broad range of uses, ranging from climate change science to forest management to emergency response, plus countless other user applications. Landsat scenes can be previewed and downloaded using the USGS Global Visualization Viewer at [under ?Select Collection? choose Landsat archive: L7 SLC-off (2003-present)]. Scenes can also be selected using the USGS Earth Explorer tool at [under ?Select Your Dataset? choose Landsat Archive: L7 SLC-off (2003-present)]. For further information on Landsat satellites and products, see


National Map Viewer In the National Map Catalog,layers were added to the catalog, and data is visible in the National Map Viewer.


NOAA's historical database for maps and nautical charts


Perry Castenada Map Collection / University of Texas Collection holds more than 230,000 maps covering every area of the world.


Street maps Google lets you search for street address maps by typing in the name of an address in the search box.


USGS maps, including Topo maps 
Select Product Catalog at:

Geographic Based Information

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps D-Lib article: Arlitsch, Kenning. Digitizing Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps ...


U.S. Census Bureau Data aacess tools including: people, housing, business, geography, news, etc.


World Factbook CIA information on countries of the world.




How far is it? Gives straight distance; option for driving distance takes you to MapQuest to plot trips. This service uses data from the US Census and a supplementary list of cities around the world to find the latitude and longitude of two places and calculates the distance "as the crow flies".


Expediamaps Look here if you need to find an address, a place, a business, or want driving directions.

General's Geography site Includes links to map sites, online world atlas, a glossary, etc.


Alexandria Digital Library


Archaeological Research Resources Includes some GIS and digital mapping, GPS, in addtion to other archeological resources: societies, internet directories, research and reference, journals, and historic archaeology sites.


Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI)


Geo- listservs


MAGERT / ALA Map and Geography Round Table


Maps-L : archives


National Geographic


National Geologic Map Database / USGS


NIMA public home page


Odden's bookmarks: the facinating world of maps and mapping


Online map catalogs in North America and Europe An article including web links intended as an introduction for researchers who need basic information about how to find and use online map catalogs. By David Y. Allen.


Other sources of map information


Place name servers on the Internet


Open Directory - Reference: Maps: Libraries University of Michigan's Map Library


Thomas R. Smith Map Collection / University of Kansas.  Easy access to a wide variety of Internet resources: electronic reference, links to online maps, government mapping, etc.