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ColorMaker Tutorial


CSSI Cascading style sheets, level 1 for HTML documents




HTMLelementary An introduction to HTML and Web pages / P.J. LaBrocca


HyperText Markup Language (HTML) Working and Background Materials


URN Namespaces (Uniform Resource Names) For all registries, see:




Writing for the Web : a primer for librarians / Eric H. Schnell

XML, etc.

"The Semantic Web is a layered structure. XML forms the basis, being the transport syntax. RDF provides the information representation framework, and on top of this layer, schemas and ontologies provide the logical apparatus necessary for the expression of vacabularies, enabling inteliigent processing of information"-- (Eric Miller)


ADL Thesaurus Protocol The ADL Thesaurus Protocol is a lightweight, stateless, XML- and HTTP-based protocol for accessing thesauri: structured, controlled vocabularies of words and phrases that represent conceptual categories. The protocol is based on the Z39.19 thesaurus model and supports downloading, querying, and navigating thesauri.


Berkeley DB XML Berkeley DB XML is an application-specific native XML data manager built on Berkeley DB. Berkeley DB XML is supplied as a library that links directly into the application's address space. Berkeley DB XML stores XML documents in collections. A single application may operate on many collections at the same time. A single application may also combine data from different collections easily. Berkeley DB XML enables fast look up by allowing individual collections to be indexed differently. This allows Berkeley DB XML to speed up the common queries over particular collections. Each collection supports multiple indexes. A wide variety of available indexing schemes support different XPath queries efficiently.


California Digital Library standards CDL has adopted guidelines for the use of standards ... an XML DTD, Digital Image FOrmat Standards, and Online Archive of California Best Practices Guidelines ...using Encoded Archival Description for finding aids.


Extensible Markup Language W3C (XML)


Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 Interactive version


Data Documentation Initiative A project to develop an XML document type definition for data documentation.


Publishing Dissertations at the University of Michigan in XML


Free XML Tools and Software


Getting Started with XML Designed for librarians and library staff.


HP's work on the Semantic Web Jena, a very powerful java API for RDF:


Internet Explorer Tools for Validating XML and Viewing XSLT Output


LibData: Library Web Management System 
"> LibD LibData is a library-oriented web-based application consisting of an integrated database architecture and authoring environment for the publication of subject pathfinders, course-related pages, and all purpose web pages. This application was designed for, but is not limited to, academic and public libraries.


James (Java MARC Events) James is a free Java package that provides an event model for MARC records through Java callbacks. It is inspired by the Simple API for XML (SAX). I provides a round trip from MARC to non-MARC and back again.


Mapping DTDs to Databases / Ronald Bourret Representing XML structures in RDBMS tables


MARCXML Official XML version of the complete MARC21 format and an architecture of transformations and programs.


MARC4J MARC4J is a continuation of James (Java Marc Events).


Metadata Authority Description Schema (MADS) A bibliographic element set that may be used for a variety of purposes, particularly for library applications.


Metadata Object Description Description Schema (MODS) The Library of Congress' Network Development and MARC Standards Office has drafted an XML schema for an authority element set that may be used to provide metadata about agents (people, organizations), events, and terms (topics, geographics, genres, etc.). This Metadata Authority Description Schema (MADS) was created to serve as a companion to the Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS).


MRML : Multimedia Retrieval Markup Language This FAQ provides information on combining elements from multiple namespaces.


Namespaces in XML This is a brief description of the Multimedia Retrieval Markup Language (MRML). This XML-based markup language is the basis for an open communication protocol for content-based image retrieval systems (CBIRSs). MRML was initially designed as a means of separating CBIR engines from their user interfaces. It is, however, also extensible as the basis for standardized performance evaluation procedures.


National Library of Medicine's (NLM) XML format




ONIX International The ONIX International standard is the international standard for representing and communicating book industry proudct information in electronic form. The XML DTC supports the extended characters sets in HTML as well as full UNICODE implementations.


Open Directory Project


Ontology building: a survey of editing tools.


PRISM : Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata The Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata (PRISM) specification is a standard for content description, interchange, and reuse in both traditional and electronic publishing contexts. PRISM defines an extensible, RDF-compliant metadata framework, a rich set of descriptive elements, and vocabularies for the values of those elements. PRISM is an extensible XML metadata standard for syndicating, aggregating, post-processing and multi-purposing content from magazines, news, catalogs, books and mainstream journals.




Resource Description Framework (RDF) Model and Syntax Specification - W3C


RSS 1.0


Semantic Web Advanced Development Semantic web - a web of data that can be processed directly or indirectly by machines. Advanced development by W3C.




Spectrum XML-DTD Testbed Project


teiPublisher We are delighted to announce a beta release of teiPublisher, an extensible, modular and configurable xml-based repository. teiPublisher was developed to bridge the gap between having a collection of structured documents that are posted on the Web as static HTML or XML pages, and having a functional digital repository.


Topic Maps


Web standards for describing data : portions of the landscape / Eric Miller and Diane Hillman. 1999.


XML Cover Pages The XML Cover Pages is a comprehensive online reference work for the Extensible Markup Language (XML) and its parent, the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML). The reference collection features extensive documentation on the application of the open, interoperable "markup language" standards, including XSL, XSLT, XPath, XQuery, XLink, XPointer, XHTML, HyTime, DSSSL, CSS, SPDL, SVG, CGM, ISO-HTML, and others.


XML from the inside out


XML : Libraries' strategic opportunity / Dick Miller


XML Name Access Control Repository HKUST Library This is a HKUST Library initiative for the creation of metadata for personal authors. It shows how XML technology can be applied to multilingual name representations, resulting in enhanced author identification and global data interchangeability.


XMLMARC Lane Medical Library at Stanford University released XMLMARC software Dec. 29, 1999. This Java client/server program converts MARC to XML based on flexible maps and simplified, yet detailed DTDs for bibliographic and authorities formats.


XML query


XOBIS: the XML Organic Bibliographic Information Schema XOBIs attempts to restructure broadly interpreted bibliographic information and authority records in an exploration of the feasibility of replacing MARC.


Zthes a Z39.50 Profile for Thesaurus Navigation - XML Specifications

Note: When using XML's empty-element tag, as with the br, hr, and img elements, place a spece before the closing slash, e.g. "br /"