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Cataloging Web Sites

Recommended references:
Anglo-American Cataloging Rules. 2nd ed. Chapter 9. Chicago: ALA, 1988. Amendments, 2001.
Cataloging Electronic Documents : Resources for Assessing and Accessing Electronic Resources, UND
GPO Cataloging guidelines: computer files no. 1A 287-gpo-cataloging-guidelines
CONSER Serials cataloging issues conser/issues.html
Guidelines for the use of field 856, prepared by the Network Development and MARC Standards Office. marc/856guide.html
Guidelines for Distinguishing Cartographic Materials on Computer File Carriers ... marc/cfmap.html
Implementing the Revised AACR2 Chapter 9 for Cataloging Electronic Resources : an online training presentation from the Cataloging Policy Committee (CAPC) of the Online Audiovisual Catalogers, Inc. (OLAC). 2001 capc/ch9.ppt
Integrating resources: a cataloging manual / BIBCO. 2003 catdir/pcc/bibco/irman.pdf
Library of Congress Draft Interim Guidelines for Cataloging Electronic Resources catdir/cpso/dcmb19_4.html
Cataloging Electronic Resources: OCLC-MARC Coding Guidelines. worldcat/cataloging/electronicresources/default.htm
Provider-Neutral guidelines
  • Catalog electronic resources for the significant aspect of the content, rather than their physical form. Materials coded for Type of record as "m" are: computer software (including programs, games, fonts), numeric data, computer-oriented multimedia, and online systems or services. Other classes of electronic resources are coded for their most significant aspect (eg. language materials, graphic, cartographic material, sound, music, moving image). In case of doubt or if the most significant aspect cannot be determined, consider the item a computer file. For serials follow CONSER guidelines. See also:
  • Standards vary for cataloging electronic resources - CONSER, GPO, Provider-Neutral, RDA, LC, etc. Fields and data necessary to create format displays or facets, categorize materials, provide statistical data or reports in the library's online system will be utilized even if one of the standards does not require them.
  • See Cataloging Procedures

Provider-Neutral standard fields indicated in commonly used fields (not all) in the table below with eBooks and Web sites. See P-N guidelines Provider-Neutral e-resource guidelines



LDR: 06 Type of Record: a - language material and manuscripts. Code other formats as appropriate.
ETDt - reproduction of manuscript language material
LDR: 07 BLvl: a - for monographs
008 Form: Prefer o for online (remote) and q for cd... (direct). s - electronic "form" of item general; often found on older records.
006 Additional material characteristics. Use on records with Type other than "m". Code $a "m". Allows for search limiting by format. Optionally add another 006 with "t" for reproduction of manuscript language materials. In OCLC, select Edit, then Guided entry, then Insert 006. Only $a required
007 Physical description. Allows for search limiting by format. 
P-N: Only $a and $b required
020 ISBN
P-N: record each e-version ISBN in separate 020; record other ISBNs in 020 $z and copy physical format ISBN to 776 $z 
CFL: Remove 020 $z fields. It can cause online to overlay print record.
041 Language of text
CFL: Apply as appropriate. NOTE: Make notes in 546 about summaries, translations, etc.
043 Optional except, n-us-nd or n-us-mn
050-090 Call number. Classification serves as a topic identifier. Classification assigned to an electronic resource will display within a browse list of call numbers. Where print and electronic titles are the same, the same call number will be used for both. Federal documents will be assigned SUDOC numbers when they can be readily identified. All other titles will be assigned LC classification. However, extraordinary effort should not be made to differentiate cutters since the call numbers are not used for shelving.
  1. Use SUDOC for federal documents when known
  2. Use LC for all other documents
  3. ETD: 099_9 $a T[year] $a Cutter [4-cutter Sanborn]. See Theses cataloging for more instructions.
049 Collection code
UND7 WWFED UNDMA Online Federal Documents
NDQ7 WWSTD UNDMA Online State Documents
1XX Main Entry; 100-111 not common for journals.
ETD, CFL: Confirm all headings in NACO and create as needed.
240 Uniform title. If a 1XX is present, may add (Online)
245 Title. Old records will have $h [electronic resource]. For RDA, use 336-7-8. Subfields may include $a, $n, $p (or $f and $g for archival collections) 
P-N: 245 $b Other title information - Not required. NOTE: Not an RDA core element; preferred to use for CFL
P-N: 245 $b Parallel title, initialism/acronym - Not required. NOTE: Record instead in 246, with indicators 31 and 30 respectively.
246 Variant and parallel titles [no period]. Online presentation may have additional titles.
Example P-N: 246 1# $i Available from some providers with title: $a title
250 Edition statement
256 Computer File characteristics - Do not use. Use 300 $b or 347
260 Place : Publisher, date. If the e-resource is an online reproduction of a physical format monograph, use original physical format information.
300 Physical description. Use $a 1 online resource. Do not record $c
P-N Example: 1 online resource (25 pages) : $b illustrations 
P-N Example: 1 online resource (36 charts on 18 leaves)
P-N Example: 1 online resource (1 audio file (30 min.)) : $b (MP3)
4XX Series. Use print ISSN unless an e-ISSN is available. For a traced series, use 490 1# and 8XX.
500 General notes.
538 System requirements: e.g. PC, sound card, etc. Mandatory for local access electronic resources. Use for remote when unusual equipment is needed. 
P-N: 538 For direct access resources: NOTE: Only required: type of operating system, type of PC if necessary
P-N: 538 For remote access resources: NOTE: Only required if resources is accessed other than by World Wide Web. When using copy that includes outdated 538 information replace when new information is known, or delete.
502 Thesis/dissertation note 
ETD: Example: $b Ph. E. $c University of North Dakota $d 2011.
516 Type of computer file or data note. Additional info to 256; ex: PDF, TIFF, etc.
506 Restrictions on access. 
P-N: Do not use.
CFL: Example: Restricted to institutions with electronic subscription.
530 Prefer $i in 776.
533 Do not use (only DLF)
534 Original version 
P-N: Do not use, but see P-N guidelines.
540 Terms governing use and reproduction. 
P-N: Do not use except for digitized archival collections
ETD: Online - Interlibrary loan is restricted to one printed copy loand at any one time. Print - Archival use only.
546 Language note. 
CFL: Record information about translations. NOTE: Main or multiple languages of the text are recorded in 041 $a subfields. Other language information about summaries, table of contents, etc. are recorded in 546.
588 Souce of Description/Title note. 
P-N Example: $a Description based on online resource; title from PDF title page (ACM, viewed May 26, 2011).
ETD: Description based on online resource; title from PDF title page (viewed May 17, 2012)
6XX Subjects appropriate to topic.
655 7 Genre. $2 -- If LCSH is used as genre: 655 _0 and no $2
CFL: 655 0 Electronic books.
ETD: 655 0 Electronic dissertations.
7XX Added entries
ETD: Advisor. Record with $4 ths. Check NACO. Do not create new.
71X Corporate bodies entries. Verify NACO
730/740 Added title entry fields. 
CFL: Exception, create 730/740, and/or 710, and 773 for aggregated e-books 
CFL Example: 730 0 EBSCO eBook collection.
773 0 $t EBSCO eBook collection $w (OCoLC)42809326
CFL Example:710 2 ebrary, Inc. 
740 0 ebrary.
76X-78X Linking fields. 
P-N: Record as usual. NOTE: Do not record 773. 
CFL: Exception, use 773 for aggregated online sets and 773/774 for serials in archival collections.
773 Host item entry 
CFL Example: 773 0 $t Dictionary of literary biography (Online) $w (OCoLC)37423114
ETD: 773 0 Dissertations & theses (Online) $w (OCoLC)82382633
776 0 Additional Physical Form entry.
P-N Example: 776 08 $i Print version: $a Duarte, Nancy. $t Slide:ology. $b 1st ed. $d Beijing ; Sebastopol, CA : O'Reilly Media, c2008 $z 9780596522346 $w (DLC) 2009284167 ?w (OCoLC)229024760
ETD Example: $i Print version: $a Malm, Roanne E. (Roanne Eugenia), 1962- $t Perceptions of five low-income parents on school readiness $w (OCoLC)123456789
8XX Series
ETD: 810 2 University of North Dakota. $t Theses - [degree] (program), e.g. Theses - Ph. E. (Educational Leadership)
856 40 URL.
CFL: $u http://.. May be preceded by: $3 Materials specified and/or $z Note: 
P-N: Use only generally-accessible URI's (URL's)
ETD $z Available to library patrons: $u [number from Proquest]