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Library of Congress

Library of Congress Home Page


Library of Congress information especially for librarians and archivists. Home Page


Library of Congress RDA: Resource Description and Access Training Materials


Library of Congress BIBFRAME


Library of Congress Frequently Asked Questions General information, digital services, library services, special services and programs

Library of Congress Cataloging Directorate

Library of Congress Acquisitions and Cataloging Access Directorate (formerly Cataloging Directorate) The cataloging Directorate's mission is to provide innovative and effective bibliographic control of the library's collections and leadership to the library and information community in the development of cataloging theory and practice


Classification Weekly Lists Scroll down the page to the section titled Library of Congress Classification. The approved weekly lists of new and changed classification numbers appear as the first item in this section.


Subject Headings Weekly Lists Weekly updates to Subject Headings, both new headings and cancels.


Library of Congress Online Catalog Search LC Catalogs and view Search Help pages for BROWSE, WORD including Simple Name/Title, Advanced, and Derived Key, or COMMAND to telnet to LOCIS. This is another way to access the Experimental Search System which is a test database and not updated since Sept. 1997.

Library of Congress, Network Development and MARC Standards Office

MARC Home Page Includes links to the Concise Formats, MARC code lists, general information, documentation, MARC SGML, etc.


MARC Documentation Overview Publication status relating for MARC21 formats and code lists published by the Network Development and MARC Standards Office


MARC Advisory Committee Proposals (MARBI)


MARC Advisory Committee Discussion Papers (MARBI)


MARC Records, Systems and Tools This page lists record services, vendor systems and specialized tools used to support MARC21 formats. Separate lists are maintained for both free and fee-based services, tools, or system.

Program for Cooperative Cataloging

Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) Program seeks to cooperatively increase the timely availability of authoritative records created and maintained under accepted standards, to facilitate the cost-effective creation and use of these records. Includes BIBCO, NACO, SACO, and CONSER.


Bibliographic record component of the PCC (BIBCO) Participants contribute bibliographic records for monographs in all formats to the national databases and participate in the development of national standards.


Cooperative Program for Serials Cataloging (CONSER) A cooperative online serials cataloging program. A source of high quality bibiographic records and documentation for the cataloging of serials.


MARC 21 encoding to accommodate new RDA elements in 046 and 3XX in NARs and SARS


Name Authority Component of the PCC (NACO) NACO provides the means for libraries to submit name headings to the Library of Congress.


NACO Frequently Asked Questions


PCC RDA BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) Metadata Application Profile

Combined BSR, RDA, and P-N E-Resource Guidelines


Relationship Designators - PCC�s Training Manual for Applying Relationship Designators in Bibliographic Records


RDA CONSER Standard Record (CSR) Metadata Application Profile


Subject Authority Cooperative Program (SACO) SACO provides a means for libraries to submit subject headings and classification numbers to the Library of Congress.


URIs in MARC / PCC Task Group on URIs in MARC

Cataloging Distribution Service (CDS)

Cataloging Distribution Service

CDS develops and markets products and services which provide access to Library of Congress resources.


Library of Congress Online Catalog Search LC's Voyager OPAC by Subj-Name-Title-Call #, Guided Keyword, Command Keyword, Keyword. Authorities not available.


Library of Congress WWW/Z39.50 Gateway Z39.50 interface to over 90 online catalogs and databases outside of the Library of Congress.


Library of Congress Online Authorities


CIP Purpose of the CIP Program


LC Portals Applications Issues Group : LCPAIG The Library of Congress Portals Applications Issues Group ( LCPAIG) started its work in mid-2002 and developed this Web site to organize information about federated search and academic portals and OpenURL resolver products and to share this information with LC staff and the library community. This Web site also organizes links to other Web sites on portals and OpenURL resolvers found in current literature, projects, initiatives and resources from library organizations and professional standards groups and meetings.


U.S. Copyright Office Home Page


Library of Congress: State Libraries Links to state libraries, state library agencies, and state library networks in the United States.