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AMICUS  National Library of Canada's online catalog. Login required to access authority records [click box at bottom of page]


Blue and Yellow pages on NACO home page LC Supplement Guidelines to the MARC21 Authority Format (a.k.a., Blue Pages) and LC Descriptive Cataloging Manual Z1 (a.k.a., Yellow Pages) are only available in .pdf format.


NACO Name Authority Component of the PCC ( NACO). NACO provides the means for libraries to submit name headings to the Library of Congress.


NACO BFM NACO Bibliographic File Maintenance. Guidelines for reporting NACO BFM


NACO FAQ NACO Frequently Asked Questions on creating Name Authority Records (NARs) for NACO


NACO Participant's Manual'Manual-20200708.pdf


046 edtf


670 FAQ  NACO FAQ on the 670 (Sources found) in name authority records


NACO/SACO examples citing the web 
NACO exmp


NACO Normalization Authority File Comparison Rules; used by LC and its copy holdings partners for the loading of authorities.


NACO training


Rameau on NACO home page RAMEAU (Répertoire d’autorité-matière encyclopédique et alphabétique unifié) est un langage d’indexation matière. Ce langage documentaire est utilisé, en France, par la Bibliothèque nationale de France, les bibliothèques universitaires, de nombreuses bibliothèques de lecture publique ou de recherche ainsi que plusieurs organismes privés. [French authorities]


Two Authority Records for One Person 
  • Step 1.* Contact the author and find out his prefered form of his name. LC's policy is that no matter what fullest form there is, or how many are in one form or another, if the author says "I want it this way" that is how it should be done. Then you will change one authority record to match his request.
  • Step 2. You lock one record and change the form to the one requested. Add 670's from the other record. Add any other pertinent information.
  • Step 3. Add a 670 something like this: 670 Email from author, Dec. 17, 2002 $b (Author requests name be cited as Robert B. Silberman)
  • Step 4. Send me (ND Funnel Coordinator) an email with: Please delete record XXXX, and keep record YYYY - the "x" and "y" are the 010 from the authority records.
  • Step 5. In the email, when BFM is required, include a list of 010 's from all DLC bibs in OCLC that have the "wrong" form of the name. LC will change their bib records.
  • Step 6. Shelby (ND Funnel Coordinator) emails the NACO Funnel contact person with the information regarding which authority record to keep and which to delete and which bibs need BFM. The LC NACO person will fix the records at LC. That will work it's way through to OCLC's files.
  • Step 7. Notify OCLC of bib records that need changing, especially ones that are not DLC records. You can use 952 or use the online bibchange form and list the OCLC numbers. You don't need to tell OCLC about the authority record change - that is now automated from LC to OCLC. Wait to notify them about the bibs until the process of LC fixing records has made its way through to OCLC (you should see the wrong record go away)
  • *If the author is not someone we can contact (i.e. dead) there would have to be other problems like conflicts etc. that needed to be resolved to change a name, research in reference tools to find citations used in accepted reference tools, reviewing as many bibs as possible, etc. is required to document which is the correct name.


VIAF : Virtual International Authority File 


Subject Authority Cooperative Program (SACO)

SACO provides a means for libraries to submit subject headings and classification numbers to the Library of Congress.


LC Classification Proposal Form


053 request form Use a dollar sign ($) to represent a delimiter. Use cut-n-paste from a linked diacritics page to obtain correct diacritics format.


Literary author browse instructions