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MARC 21 Formats

MARC Standards / Library of Congress, Network Development and MARC Standards Office


MARC 21 Concise Format for Bibliographic Data Bibliographic Lite: Fixed field codes, tags, indicators, variable field codes, and subfield codes.


MARC 21 Format for Authority Data


MARC 21 Format for Holdings Data


MARC 21 Format for Classification Data


MARC 21 Format for Community Information


MARC 21 Formats : a brief bibliography of writings on MARC / Network Development and Standards Office


MARC 21 character set The MARC format specifies a repertoire of characters encoded in MARC (including over 16,000 characters covering Latin, extended Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean). It indicates two encodings for the repertoire in 8-bit/24-bit and an alternative encoding in Unicode (UTF-8 form). Those are the current and official repertoire and encodings that support exchange of information from and to many countries and environments.


MARC 21 Specification for Record Structure, Character Sets and Exchange Media

MARC 21 Code Lists for

Geographic Area Codes


Country Codes


Language Codes


Changes/Additions to MARC language code list for compatibility with ISO 639-2




Relator Codes


Relator Codes for RDA


Other value lists Help



Core Level Standards


BIBCO Standard Record Metadata Application Profiles (MAPs) 2010 BIBCO Standard Records


LCCN Prefixes for 010


MARC and the Year 2000
  • As of 2001, the Library of Congress Control Number ( LCCN) will contain a 2-character alpha prefix, a 4-digit year, and a 6-digit serial portion. Also, LC has newly defined MARC characters. [See LC usage of new MARC 21 characters]


Reporting errors to Library of Congress (LC)