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American Library Association. Government Documents Round Table. Includes: About GODORT, Committees & Task Forces, Conference Info., Current News & Updates, Resources & Publications, etc.


Frequently Used Sites / GODORT Federal Documents Task Force (FDTF)


GPO Cataloging on FDLP Desktop Cataloging information: With an increasing number of digital reproductions being created by Federal agencies and by GPO and GPO's partners, GPO's Library Technical Information Services ( LTIS) has formulated procedures for cataloging digital reproductions of a tangible document. A summary of these procedures is available at


GPO Cataloging Guidelines 
  1. Overview at FDLP page:
  2. GPO will be cataloging all new serial titles (with the exception of new congressional and essential titles) following the CONSER Standard Record at Most recent document is CONSER core RDA elements:
  3. Chester Fritz instructions to be followed


GPO Abridged standard is indicated in commonly used fields in the table below with GPO. CFL practice is listed with CFL. For field information not listed, follow standard cataloging practice. If existing or cloned records contain fields that say to "omit", retain them - do not delete.


008 Fixed Field.
GPO: Elvl = k. Optional fields fields are NOT used: Audn, Biog, Cont, LitF, Ills, and Indx
006 Additional material characteristics. In OCLC, select Edit, then Field 006.
GPO: Use on records for electronic resources
CFL: Exception, use on all records as appropriate to create OPAC Format display
007 Physical description. Allows for search limiting by format. 
GPO: Not for Type "a" or "m", except use "a" on microforms; use on Type "g, i, j"
CFL: Exception, use $a and $b on all records as appropriate to create OPAC Format display
034 Mathematical Data.
GPO: Omit from original records.
CFL: This assumes maps in Exceptions list will never fall into the items listed in the Abridge list. If they do, add 034; can't update OCLC with 255 without adding 034
043 Geographic area code.
GPO: Omit from original records.
CFL: If ND or Minn, use n-us-nd or n-us-mn
074 GPO item number - mandatory.
086 SUDocs class. 
GPO: Mandatory. Incorrectly assigned SuDocs class number are recorded in subfield "z".
088 Report number.
GPO: Omit. If used in accordance with GPO full-level, record in 027.
049 OCLC code
CFL: See: Collection coding (Statistical classes)
1XX Main Entry.
GPO: Confirm all headings in NACO. Personal names not found, transcribe from publication. Corporate bodies must have NACO. Only persons responsible for content are recorded in 100 (includes principle investigators, but not program directors)
130 Uniform title.
GPO: Omit. I.e. for single-part monograph or not-analyzed multipart item, do not make 130 for the 245. Do not make 130 to add format qualifier, e.g. (Online)
CONSER: Same as GPO; also do not use uniform titles for translations or language editions, using instead 765 or 775
CFL: Create if needed for subject or related work added entry, main entry of the original is the same as the main entry of another work, or if there is a conflict for the analyzed multipart item is entered under a title proper or name heading. Since linking fields do not display, use 130/240.
240 Uniform title. 
GPO: Omit.
245 Title 
GPO: Use subfields "a,b,c,h,n & p". Record phrases such as "final report" or "preliminary report" as other title info unless grammatically linked. Do not record "Prepared for ..."
246 Variant titles [no period]
GPO: Record variant titles for corrections, cover, added t.p. spine, caption, running, parallel titles per LCRI 21.30J. Exception: no 246 for spelling out abreviations/initials, ampersands, or numerals/dates. Do add number spelled out and symbols. 
CONSER: Code all indicators 13. NOTE: Exceptions: Parallel title - 246 11. Minor titles changes - code 1 [blank] $i [note] $a [variant title] Include acronyms, initialisms, parallel titles (do not record them in 245 $b) 

CFL: If full form of abbreviation is easily found, add.
250 Edition statement.
GPO: Subfield "a" only
260 Place : Publisher, date. 
GPO: Use subfields "a, b, c, g". Do not add ? if supplying [Washington, D.C.]. Record 1st Federal agency If several listed. If one or more non-Federal publishers, record only 1st.
300 Physical description. 
GPO: Use only $a and $e. Use 1 v. : $b digital, PDF file if an electronic document is a PDF document or 300 $a 1 electronic text : $b HTML file a document is an HTML document.
4XX Series. 
GPO: 440 - Use only to record established series that are traced the same (authority record exists)
CONSER: 490 For established series traced differently, use 490 1/830. If series is not established, record in 490 0. Also record variant forms of a series that are not included in its authority record in 490 0, untraced (yes - duplicate 4XXs). If a uniform title is not valid per LCRI 25.5, a series title in that case is considered not established.
500 General notes. 
GPO: All optional except: 
  1. Depository distribution
  2. Superceded or reprinted
  3. Issuance identifiers
  4. Notes containing title and issue number for serial issues reissued as separate documents
538 System requirements. 
CONSER: Mode of access not needed for standard WWW site
513 Type of report and period covered 
GPO: Omit.
530 Other formats available.
GPO:Use to record information regarding versions available. For online titles: Also available via Internet from the __ web site (PDF file only). Address as of ___: http://...; current access is available via PURL
533 Photo-reproduction note.
GPO: Use for items not originally published as microforms. Encode fully, except do not record "negative"
536 Funding information.
GPO: Omit.
538 System requirements - Mode of access.
CONSER: Mode of access not needed for standard WWW site.
6XX Subjects appropriate to topic.
GPO: Add at least one LCSH subject, except to records for NASA documents. (No new SACO records are created). Add NASA thesaurus terms from NASA CASI records to new and exiting NASA records instead of LCSH.
CFL: Add at least one LCSH heading if it can be quickly verified.
655 7 Genre. $2 -- If LCSH is used as genre: 655 _0 and no $2
700 Person name added entries.
GPO: Confirm all headings in authority file. Personal names may be used in AACR2 format without NACO work.
71X Corporate bodies entries. 
GPO: Confirm all Federal headings in authority file. NACO work must be done if no authority record. Do not create 7XX for non-Federal publisher/distributer. Always make entry for Federal agencies. Do not make added entries for non-Federal corporate bodies.
CFL: Add corporate body if agency is local, e.g. EERC, UND, ND state agencies, etc.
730 Uniform title.
GPO: Omit.
CONSER: Not necessary to add 730 duplicating a linking field.
CFL: When referencing a title that has a uniform title (130) or is the authorized form (245 is 1st instance of the work), use 730. Since linking fields don't display, use 730 as appropriate.
740 Uncontrolled title / analytical title.
GPO: Assign per normal cataloging standards.
76X-77X Linking fields
CONSER: Use linking fields.
8XX Series
GPO: Use to record established series.
856 Electronic location and access
GPO: Use to record GPO PURL; use $3 Materials specified and/or $z to record other information



Catalog of United States government publications (MOCAT)


Conser Cataloging Manual. Module 31. Remote access computer files serials. 2002 ed.


Cataloging Record Distribution Pilot / GPO and Marcive


Toolbox for processing and cataloging federal government documents
These tools are of use to personnel who process and catalog materials distributed through the Federal Depository Library Program ( FDLP) administered by GPO


Federal Depository Library Program. FDLP desktop Main home page for The Federal Depository Library Program ( FDLP) was established by Congress to ensure that the American public has access to its Government's information.


Administrative notes / Federal Depository Library Program Library Programs Service's monthly newsletter about FDLP issues. Archive.


Depository Library Council homepage


Federal Depository Library Conferences : Proceedings Through 2007:


Federal Depository Library Program Electronic collection (FDLP/EC) Archive To assure permanent public access to electronic U.S. Government information, the FDLP is operating an archive of publications which are identified, described, and pointed to as part of the FDLP/EC and non-FDLP sites that are not archived by their issuing agency. Users will be redirected from GPO's locator tools.


Electronic titles by item number or SuDoc Number stem / Wichita State University  At Documents Data Miner home page, selection "List of Classes; then scroll down to "Formats" and select "Electronic Library"; submit.


Federal Depository Library Handbook


Guidelines for Establishing Shared Regional Depository Libraries


GPO OPAL archive  FDLP web-based training in the GPO OPAL archive.


List of Classes Item Lister Information
  WEBtech notes - search, browse, and view updates to SUDOC classification numbers


Managing the FDLP electronic collection : a policy and planning document / Library Programs Service, Supt of Docs. 1998.


Registry of U.S. Government Publication Digitization Projects  The Registry contains records for projects that include digitized copies of publications originating from the U.S. Government. It serves as a locator tool for publicly accessible collections of digitized U.S. Government publications; increases awareness of U.S. Government publication digitization projects that are planned, in progress, or completed.


Superceding Depository Publications



FDsys (GPO Access)

FDsys = Federal Digital Systems (formerly GPO Access)


FDsys and CGP via Metalib / FDsys and Catalog of Government Publications - GPO Federal database collection in MetaLib, users can now simultaneously search the Federal Digital System ( FDsys) and the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP) through a single search box in MetaLib via the new predefined search set "GPO Resources". The ability to further refine search results has also been enhanced with the release of the "Resources" option. After searching the "GPO Resources" predefined search set, the "clusters and facets" module, available on the righthand column of the screen, allows users to narrow their search by categories, such as topics, dates, authors, and resources.


GPO Access Training Manual


GPO Help


Government Information Locator Service (GILS)


New electronic titles / CGP Catalog of Government Publications - GPO OPAC The lists highlighted below represent new additions to the Federal Depository Library Program Electronic Collection (FDLP/EC) during the most recent four weeks. Full bibliographic information for the titles in these lists can be found in the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications.


FedWorld Information Network In 1992, FedWorld was established by The National Technical Information Service (NTIS), an agency of the U.S Department of Commerce, to serve as the online locator service for a comprehensive inventory of information disseminated by the Federal Government. This service assists in locating Fedederal Government information housed within the NTIS repository and information in more than 100 Government bulletin boards.


Frequently Used Sites Related to U.S. Federal Government Information / Vanderbilt Site sponsored by ALA GODORT: lists government sites by level of government and by subject.


NCIC National Contact Center / Federal Consumer Education Center Have a question about Federal programs, benefits, or services? We've gathered answers to some frequently asked topics.


Keeping America Informed / United States Government Printing Office One can find Federal Regulations open for comment and submit comments.


Resources of use to Government Documents Librarians / UC Berkeley Library 


MARCIVE Newsletter Archive


United States Government Documents libraries in North Dakota 


US State GILS Projects


University of Michigan Documents Center

The Documents Center is a central reference and referral point for government information, whether local, state (Michigan), federal, foreign or international. Its web pages are a reference and instructional tool for government, political science, statistical data, and news.



NOTE: 130 and 4XX/830 uniform titles and series

Uniform titles can be used for different purposes. They provide the means:
1. for bringing together all catalogue entries for a work when various manifestations (e.g., editions, translations) of it have appeared under various titles;
2. for identifying a work when the title by which it is known differs from the title proper of the item being catalogued;
3. for differentiating between two or more works published under identical titles proper

As of June 1, 2006, LC catalogers will consult SARs when determining if a conflict exists, when needing a heading for a subject or related work added entry, and when cataloging another manifestation requiring a uniform title (see sections below).

1) Single-part monograph or not-analyzed multipart item a) Conflict in the database. If the main entry is the same as the main entry of another work represented by a bibliographic record or name/series authority record, do not assign a uniform title to either work simply to distinguish them, even if there are multiple editions of either work. - GPO: no 130 for 245; if no SAR, transcribe in 490 0; record multiple 490 0 for variant titles of the series if no authority record for the series

b) Needed for subject or related work added entry. If the main entry is the same as the main entry of another work represented by a bibliographic record or name/series authority record, construct a uniform title consisting of the title proper plus a parenthetical qualifier.

c) Another manifestation requiring a uniform title. If the main entry of the original is the same as the main entry of another work represented by a bibliographic record or name/series authority record, construct a uniform title for the original consisting of the title proper plus a parenthetical qualifier.

2) Analyzed multipart item entered under a title proper a) Conflict in the database. If the title proper of the multipart item is the same as the title proper of another work represented by a bibliographic record or a name/series authority record, construct a uniform title made up of the title proper plus a parenthetical qualifier.

3) Analyzed multipart item entered under a name heading a) Conflict in the database. If that name heading/title proper of the multipart item is the same as the name heading/title proper of another work represented by a bibliographic record or a name/series authority record, construct a uniform title made up of the title proper plus a parenthetical qualifier.

4) Collective uniform title headings "Works" and "Selections": NAR and SAR for different multipart items. PCC practice: To break the conflict between the headings created per LCRIs for rules 25.8 and 25.9, add a brief form of the publisher's name in subfield $s of the series authority record (even if that means revising a heading in an existing record). If there is still a conflict, add a parenthetical qualifier at the end of subfield $s.

Series-like phrase PCC practice: 1) Entry under title. Construct a uniform title made up of the phrase plus a parenthetical qualifier for any phrase entered under title if the phrase is identical to the title proper of a serial/series found in the catalog in a bibliographic record or the title proper in the heading of a series authority record for a series, multipart item, or serial. Follow the guidelines for adding a qualifier to a serial/series title (above).