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ALCTS CCS Subject Analysis Committee. Subcommittee on Metadata


ALCTS-CC:DA Taskforce on Metadata


Digital Libraries : Resources and Projects


Federal Geographic Data Committee


Global Information Location Service (GILS) 
(Global Information Location Service) GILS uses ISO 10163 (ANSI Z39.50) to search labeled metadata that has been used to describe digital resources


LC American Memory : Background papers and technical information


Library application profile for Dublin Core : draft


Metadata at W3C


Standardized Handling of Networked Resources : an annotated bibliography


UKOLN Metadata


University of Minnesota. Digital Collections Unit.​ U of M projects to digitize archival and rare collections and general information on digitization.


Dublin Core/MARC/GILS Crosswalk The following is a crosswalk between the fifteen elements in the Dublin Core Element Set and MARC 21 bibliographic data elements. In addition, it includes a crosswalk from Dublin Core to GILS attributes. The crosswalk may be used in conversion of metadata from another syntax into MARC. For conversion of MARC 21 into Dublin Core, many fields may be mapped into a single Dublin Core element.


IFLA -- Digital Libraries: Metadata Resources


MARC SGML : MARC DTD's (Document Type Definitions) An implementation of Standard Generalized Markup Language ( SGML) for use with MARC data.


MARC to Dublin Core Crosswalk / Network Development and MARC Standards Office, Library of Congress Conversion of metadata from MARC into Dublin Core. Since MARC is richer in data than Dublin Core, it differs from the Dublin Core/MARC Crosswalk in that multiple MARC fields are mapped to a Dublin Core element.


Metadata. Alexandria Digital Library.
Metadata basics / University of Texas Libraries
Metadata : Mapping between metadata formats / Michael Day


ONIX to MARC 21 Mapping This is a mapping between the 211 data elements in the ONIX International Standard and data elements in the MARC21 Format for Bibliographic Data. The ONIX International standard is intended to provide publishers with a means to share product and supplier information usable on the Internet.



MARC DTD, Document Type Definitions, background and development.

Dublin Core

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative


Dublin Core and the Cataloging Rules


Dublin Core Metadata Element Set : ANSI/NISO Z39.85-2001 


Dublin Core Metadata Element Set
Example of guidelines at Claremont:
-- or--
Example of guidelines at North Carolina:
And metadata at North Carolina:


Dublin Core Metadata Element Set Reference Description, Version 1.1 (1999) The document summarizes the proposed updated definitions for the Dublin Core metadata elements as originally defined in [ RFC2413]. These new definitions will be officially known as Version 1.1.


Dublin Core Metadata Templates


DC-dot, a Dublin Core Generator [prefer template above]
Library Application Profile


Dublin Core Application Profiles


LD4PE- Exploring Linked Data : competency-based learning resources

EAD - Encoding Archival Description

Encoded Archival Description Library of Congress


Encoded Archival Description Tag Library: Version 1.0


Encoded Archival Description. Finding Aids at the Library of Congress


Library of Congress Finding Aids [using EAD] search page


Society of American Archivists




Federal Geographic Data Committee Tasked by Executive Order 12906 to develop procedures and assist in the implementation of a distributed discovery mechanism for digital geospatial data.


Federal Geographic Data Committee. Standards




Frequently asked questions about RDF


Resource Description Framework (RDF) / Mozilla


Resource Description Framework (RDF) Model and Syntax / W3C


Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL)


Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding Interchange (TEI P3)


TEI Text Encoding for Interchange: a new consortium. Lou Burnard on the Text Encoding Initiative Consortium which has been created to take TEI Guidelines into the XML world an beyond.


Visual Resources Association Foundation - VRAF

Membership and activities include: information specialists, digital image specialists; art, architecture, film and video librarians, museum curators; slide, photograph, microfilm and digital archivists, architectural firms, galleries, publishers, image system vendors, rights and reproductions officials, photographers, art historians, artists, and scientists.

Articles on Metadata

A commond Model to Support Interoperable Metadata


CORC, the Dublin Core, and Cartograpahic Materials


Dublin Core metadata initiative


Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Progress Report and Workplan / Makx Dekkers, Stuart L. Weibel


Functional Requirements Study


Internet, interoperability and standards


Interoperability, what it is and why should I want it? / Paul Miller


Introduction to Metadata : pathways to digital information Articles, crosswalks, glossary, acronymns & URLS, and book order.


Issues in crosswalking content metadata standards / Margaret St. Pierre, Willilam P. LaPlant


Mapping Entry Vocabulary to Unfamiliar Metadata Vocabularies


Metadata demystified : a guide for publishers / Amy Brand, Frank Daly, and Barbara Meyers


Recording Bibliographic Citation Information for Journal Articles in Dublin Core