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Dictionaries, etc.

Akronyme und Abkürzungen / Acronyms and Abbreviations This is a searchable index.


ARTLEX A dictionary of visual art with definitions for more than 2,600 terms and links to other resources on the Web.


Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books A dictionary of descriptive terminology.


Catholic Encyclopedia Catholic encyclopedia.


Digital Media Glossary


Glossary of book terms


Herbal-Medical Glossary Michael Moore's definitions of terms as used by an herbalist.


Information Professional's GLossary School of Information Research and Library Science, University of Arizona


Multilingual Dictionary of Cataloguing Terms and Definitions / IFLA It contains terms and definitions of cataloguing in various languages. It contains all terms defined in AACR and FRBR, English and German. This IFLA project is to be extended to other languages.


Multilingual glossary for art librarians - HTML


ODLIS: Online Dictionary of Library and Information Science ODLIS is designed as a reference resource for library and information science professionals, university students and faculty, and the general reader and library user. The primary criterion for including a new term is whether a librarian or other information professional might reasonably be expected to encounter it at some point in his (or her) career. The technical vocabulary of publishing, printing, book history, and computer science has been included when, in the author's judgment, a definition might prove helpful, not only to library and information professionals, but also to laypersons.


One Look Search engine for words and phrases: If you have a word for which you'd like a definition or translation, it will quickly shuttle you to the web-based dictionaries that define or translate that word. If you don't know how to spell the word, it will help you do that too. No word is too obscure: More than 5 million words in more than 900 online dictionaries are indexed by the OneLook search engine.


Pharma Lexicon Look up the most popular medical and pharmaceutical acronyms and abbreviations.


Comprehensive Russian Computer Dictionary Russian-English, English-Russian Dictionary and Thesaurus of Computer Terms.


Solomon's Glossary of Technical Musical Terms Index of musical terms.


Teachers Net Reference Desk List of online encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri, and quotations.


Translate The Alta Vista Translation web site allows you to translate German, Spanish, French, Italian, or Portuguese words and phrases to their English equivalents. It also allows you to translate English words and phrases to their German, Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese equivalents. Just type in the words you want translated and pick the languages and the computer will make the translation.


Union List of Artist Names ULAN is a database of biographical and bibliographical information on artists and architects, including a wealth of variant names, pseudonymns, and language variants.




The WorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation Server 
http:// Search for an acronym and see its expansion, or search for a word in the expansions and see the related acronyms.


The WWLIA Legal Dictionary Searchable English language dictionary.


Your Dictionary Search foreign language dictionaries; search Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus


t^ete-beche = Two different works bound together at the time of publication, where the back work is inverted so that the back cover serves as the front cover when you turn the book over and upside down.

dos-'a-dos = Two items share a common back cover, which actually appears in the middle of the volume.