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Create one record with a convention of 533 with Microfiche copy. There are 2 constant data records.


  • OCLC:
  • Create new record using Book format
  • Apply the Constant Data for "Theses print undd" using Both Field and Variable fields
    • Type - a for Proquest, t for local
    • 099_9 $a T[year] $a Cutter [4-cutter Sanborn]
  • UT for Undergraduate papers (e.g. Honors with 502 (Honors) and no 810), GT for graduate papers prepared not following full theses requirements
  • 502 (Design project) and 500 Geological Engineering design project (may appear as: Geological engineering design proposal, Geological engineering design project, GeoE 485, Senior design project), use 810
  • 502 (Senior) and 500 Geological Engineering senior thesis (may appear as Senior thesis, thesis submitted ...bachelors...), use 810
    • Do prep for authority record (ARN) - use fullest form of name in record
    • Delete 810 field and update to OCLC (F8)
    • Go to Aleph -- Add the OCLC number to the brief bib record and save to server -- Return to OCLC
    • Generate authority record for review by Shelby using OCLC Macro; cite UND directory as appropriate
    • Apply the Constant Data for "Theses microfiche" using the Variable field option.
    • Note: 533 used for UND theses on microfiche: $3 Microfiche copy. $a Microfiche. $b Grand Forks, N.D. : $c University of North Dakota, $d [date] $e microfiches : negative ; 11 x 15 cm.
    • Insert the number (#) of microfiche in the 533
    • Enter the missing data in the 810
    • Export from OCLC to Aleph (F5)
    • Add the main advisor name (usually the chairperson).
      • Use either a 720 for an uncontrolled authority name or a 700 for a controlled authority name (NACO authority record exists).
      • Use subfield 4 and relator code ths
    • Aleph:
  • In the Leader (LDR) do not use Ctrl "a" for theses. This is not recommended in the OCLC standards. Tab_type_config will create "Archives" if we use "a"
  • In the Leader (LDR) change the Type of Record from "t" to "a". OCLC standards are to use "t" but tab_type_config will create "Manuscript. If either Archives or Manuscripts are generated they precede "Dissertation or Thesis" in the record causing the Web OPAC to not display "Dissertation or Thesis"
  • NOTE: previous method was to Change Record's Format to MX and change LDR to npm^. This cancel out other options in tab_type_config
  • Create a new HOLding record from the item record for the microfiche barcode that is present (dummy or real) .
    • Full call number is in 852 8_ $h
      Change 008 07 from "p" to "g" (gift)
  • Create/edit item records according to library policy
    • Make sure copy ID number is entered in items
      If the barcode is dummy, print screen with note to Richard to fix
  • Barcoding

    Place barcode on the outside of the book along the spine, upper lef, below the label space


    • Call numbers are assigned when ABC (Laurie) receives a printed list of the theses and dissertations received by DPTP (Richard). When the bound theses are sent to ABC, the printed slips indicating the number of fiche and the call numbers will be found inside each bound volume.
  • Pencil call number on page after title page
    • SP.COL.
    • Stamp "ARCHIVAL COPY" inside front cover
    • Endstamp and strip