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Order Searching - Budget Detail

Order and Budget Details or

Where is my stuff, What did I order and

How much money do I have left?


Has my book been ordered?


Open the ALEPH Acquisitions/Serials module and login

Your login is likely first name last name initial

If you've forgotten your password ask Shelby

Click on the icon of a file folder (Order search node)

The screen (pane) on the right contains fields for searching and limiting 

This is a browse search

Example: Index: choose title from the drop down

Enter starting point: future

HINT: If something does not seem to be searching try either Refresh filter or Clear filter (far right).


The display will depend on what you have chosen to display. Right click in the header below the search boxes to choose your display. Mark the items you would like to display. Usually you will want the Index, Order no, Title, and Status. You might want the vendor. The type will tell you if it is a monograph (M), serial (S) or standing order (O). The record number, Order no 2, Status Date, Target ID and Target Name are more useful to Acq Staff. There is generally no need to display these.


List displays at bottom half of screen (bottom pane) highlight the book you want to view information on and choose select OR print order OR perhaps this screen is enough.

StatusNew New order, has not been sent yet

WP Waiting for processing

PS Processing started

WB Need budget confirmation

QSV Query before sending

CNB Cancelled  no budget

CO Claimed Order

DNB Delayed no budget

RSV Ready to send to vendor

SV Sent to vendor

VC Vendor cancelled

LC Library cancelled

REJ Rejected

RET Returned

CLS Order closed

The above bolded status are the most used.


OKAY  now I know my book has been ordered and received. Is it available? You will have to look in cataloging or the OPAC to find out if it is available. OR you can SELECT the title then in the left hand pane choose OVERVIEW; then select the Items button on the far right. This take you to cataloging where it will display the item status, barcode, call # (if cataloged), etc.




I am not looking for one title I want a list.

Choose Index to define what you are searching by title, budget, etc. This can be limited to an Exact Match by placing a check in the box preceding the words Exact Match.

Choose Order Group to view everything by one Bibliographer for the current fiscal year.

Choose Budget to view everything in one budget, i.e. ART-B-2008

 All budgets have names, not to exceed 6 characters followed by a dash, often followed by a code letter (B for Book, J for Serial, S for Standing Orders) and ending with a dash and the fiscal year.

Further limiting can result in a more defined search.

Order status can limit to only those items Library Cancelled, Vendor Cancelled, Claimed Orders, etc.

Order Type can limit to M for Books, S for Serials, O for Standing Orders

An arrival status of None will display only those items that have not arrived. This is more definitive than Invoice Status.


Once you have the list you want you can scroll through to the end of your list. If you limit to an exact match, budget for instance by entering the exact budget, you will have less to scroll. This is always a browse unless you choose exact match.


When you have what you want you can mouse click as follows: Click the mouse once to highlight the entire line at the bottom of the list. Then hit the F11 key and you will bring up a screen that can be printed or copied and pasted into an Excel Spreadsheet.


How much money do I have left?


Open the ALEPH Acquisitions/Serials module and login.

Click on the icon of a pencil holder (Administrative node).

This opens the Administration node of this module; the first element in the tree is Budgets.


On the right choose Search mode:

Browse and keyword are the most helpful for locating the budget

Choose browse type a few letters to browse from . . .

List displays at the top right half of screen (upper pane) highlight the budget you want to view information on.


The bottom half of the screen (lower pane) contains 5 tabs.

Tab 3: displays the balance of this budget. Money encumbered does not alter the actual balance; only the free balance. The actual balance does not change until final payment on the Invoice (Lois). The free balance is what you have left to spend.

Tab 4: displays all credits, debits and adjustments to this budget. The best way to view this is to choose the print button on the far right. This also can be copied and pasted into Excel. This search can be limited to Allocations, Encumbrances, Invoices, etc.