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Books, bound journals, pam bound items:

Front cover, spine edge along spine (left), vertically, with bottom of numbers toward spine. Normally place barcodes one barcode-length down from top. Avoid covering data that it is not found any where else on the publication. To avoid covering data, they may be placed ca. 4 inches down from the top edge. Do not place in crease.

For books ordered from BNA, barcodes are sent to BNA. BNA applies the barcode, strip, and endstamp.

Special Collection books

Generally, place inside at top left of cover.

If the item is, or may be placed in a pam binder, the barcode should be placed on the pam binder front, left, spine edge, one barcode length down from top like books.

If the item is in an envelope inside a pam binder, use double barcodes. Place one inside front cover and one on outside as above. Pencil call number on item and on envelope.

IF the item has a book jacket, the jacket should be mylared, affixed to the book with tape, jacket only labeled, and barcode placed inside the front cover at the top to the right of the flap.

Aandahl Collection Books

If the item has a book jacket, place the barcode inside the cover, top right.

If the item does not have a book jacket, place the barcode inside the cover, top left.

The book jacket is retained and protected with a mylar cover. It is taped to the book. Two spine labels are typed, one for the book and one for the jacket.

Dewey Collection Books

If the item has a book jacket but is not in a mylar cover, enclose jacket in mylar. Then, using double barcodes, place one barcode on the mylared jacket in the same position as regular books and one on the book's cover.

If the item does not have a book jacket, place a single barcode on the outside in the same position as regular books.


Front, top, right corner, horizontal. To include: newsletters, newspapers, items likely to be bound. Avoid covering information. If necessary, use table of contents page.


  • Microfiche - on envelope front, in varied locations across the envelope to avoid bunching
  • Microfilm in Periodicals - use single barcode on box, on side (not flap) and not covering information.
  • Microfilm in Special Collections - use one barcode on box, on side (not flap) and not covering information


As appropriate to the type of media. If in a container, place on the "spine" end.

MARCIVE / Government Documents

For materials not described above: Front, top, left corner (or center if more appropriate), horizontal.