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Missing. Still missing after repeated searches.


Patron declared lost and paid for.


Missing for 2 years, no payment received, and now declared lost.

Lost Inventory

Lost Inventory 
Determined to be lost after doing inventory.


  • ABC prints bib and item records.
  • ABC updates bib record with STA SUPPRESSED
  • ABC gives printouts to Head of Collection Development (Mary)


See the Lost Codes document below for more information on Processing Codes for Missing and Lost materials


Submit to ABC:

  • Orders for replacements
    1. Give to Acquisitions Specialist (Lila)
    1. Budget Repl-YYYY
    1. Include all printouts and any special instructions, initialled by bibliographer
  • b) Withdrawals
    1. Include Withdrawl forms and/or all printouts with bibliographer initialed note to withdraw
    1. Give to ABC Associate (Crystal)
    1. ABC checks for STA field; if SUPPRESSED, change to DELETED if no other items or subscription records are linked

See: Instructions for processing Replacements