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Invoicing Monographs

ACQ-Monograph-Invoices-in-Aleph or The book arrived  now what?


Open Aleph Acquisitions/Serials


Search by order number:


In the icons in the top of the sidebar choose the file folder representing Order Search


There are a variety of methods that can be utilized to locate the record for the item received.


After locating the item, choose the Select button on the far right.


The item will remain highlighted but it will have moved to the top panel of the screen by itself.


Choose Invoice from the tree list in the sidebar on the left of the screen.


The screen will now appear blank. Choose New from the buttons on the top right.


A box will appear requesting the invoice number. Enter the invoice number from the invoice  highlight the number on the invoice so it is clear which number has been used.


Click OK


Search by invoice:








Serial icon

Drop down menu


Order bar icon

Drop down menu


Invoice icon

Invoice box

Click the arrow or type invoice number



1.) Invoice box Enter the vendor code or choose the vendor by clicking on the three dots to the right of the first blank box. If entering the number manually, include leading zeros.

To the right of this box is an arrow


2.) Click the arrow to display the invoice numbers associated with this vendor

Is the invoice number you want here? Click on it



3.) Type the invoice number in the blank box and click the blue arrow




 Message box appears  Invoice #### does not exist. Create? YES, assuming this is what you want to do.


1.)Two boxes need to be filled in on this tab


 NET AMOUNT DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING, ETC  (enter shipping in shipment amount and Aleph will distribute the shipping amongst the line items) Any additional amount that should be distributed amongst the line items can be entered here.




2.)Add line items to this invoice . . .


Choose Line Items from the tree on the left


3.) Choose the Add button on the right in the top half (panel) of the screen. This provides a window to choose an item to add to the invoice. The Index choices in the expand list are: title, author, isbn, publisher, order number, vendor code, additional vendor code, budget, Invoice (vendor code + invoice number), Invoice (invoice number + vendor code), vendor reference, target id, target name, group order number, arrival note, order group, order unit.


After choosing the Index search choice click on the three dots to the right of the box for Index Text. The Order Index List window (Get order) will open enabling you to find the item to be added to the invoice.


4.) Highlight the item you wish to add to the invoice and click on the Select button on the far right of the upper open window (panel).


5.)Enter the Net Amount  If shipping has been entered on the general invoice tab, this will automatically be figured and entered when the Refresh button is clicked.


6.)Object code: Click the arrow to the right of the Object Code box and choose the appropriate Object Code for the item processing is a separate step.

 Example: 1 book for $50.00 plus $5.00 shipping may use 2 line items:

One line for the book with the object code of 2020 (Book/Monograph)


7.)Order Completely Invoiced  This box is checked by default.

Uncheck this box only if the item has partially arrived. (Example would be volumes on one order, parts, supplement, CD, etc.) But remember you will have to revisit the invoice and change this when the remainder arrives.


8.)Click the Refresh button on the far right to check for errors.


9.)If everything is correct click the Add button on the far right.


A box will appear asking if you would like to record the material as having arrived ? Saying yes will alleviate having to do this as a separate step. Choose YES unless you are creating an invoice for material that has not arrived. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW if it has arrived DO NOT say yes.


10. REPEAT AS NECESSARY. (Create separate line items for books, processing, shipping, etc.) Repeat these steps until all items have been added to the invoice. The same process is used for any processing fees.

Processing, shipping, any line item without a budget, etc 

Click on the Budget button on the far right and add a budget. The Order Completely Invoiced box should be checked, as this is probably the last step in creating this invoice.

When finished click on G-General Invoice in the menu tree on the left.


11.)In the upper half on the right, choose Tab 2, Payment


12.)If everything with this invoice is okay to pay, choose Status R

Click the Refresh button on the far right and then click the Update button.


Running reports follows . . .





On the top bar of the Acquisitions/Serials module, the fifth element is *Services.


1.)    Click on services.

2.)    Scroll down to Other

3.)    Choose Invoice Report (acq-10)

4.)    1st blank box - Name the report file

5.)    2nd blank box  name the summary of the report file

6.)    Report per single invoice  YES

7.)    Update database  YES

8.)    Retrieve using approval number  YES

9.)    Approval number  Choose a word or letters that make sense, such as SO, FIRM, VISA, ULLYOT, MUSIC, etc followed by the date YYYYMMDD

The date can be for the day or the week, depending on how often you wish to run and print the report.

10.)                  Retrieve by approval department  ALL

11.)                  Retrieve by invoice type  ALL

12.)                  Retrieve by payment status NONE

13.)                  Change payment status to- *Payment authorized

14.)               Report Format  Per invoice

15.)               Click SUBMIT on the top right



Report File

Create file name


Summary report file

Create file name summary


Report per single invoice






Update database






Retrieve using approval number






Approval number



Retrieve by approval department



Retrieve by invoice type



Retrieve by payment status



Change payment status to

Payment authorized


Report format

Per invoice



NEVER EVER CHOOSE yes to Update the Database when saying No to Retrieve using approval number.


*Subject to change; dependent upon the reports you receive vs. the reports you are seeking.


Rev. 4/15/2009