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Gift Slips


Collection: ________________________		Date: _________________
                              Bibr initials (Order Group): ____________
Author: ___________________________________________________________
Title:  _____________________________________________________________

_____ If DUP., add copy 2               _____ Notify when cataloged:      
_____ If DUP., do NOT add                     _______________________ ph: __________        
_____ Add no matter how                 _____ Priority catalog 
many copies                             _____ RUSH catalog for:  
_____ Do NOT add                              _______________________ ph: __________	
                                        _____ Needs bookplate with: ___________________ 

_____ Other: _______________________________________________________



Use one form per book. Decide if the book is to be added to the library's collections (cataloged) or not be added (book sale)


  • If, DO NOT ADD
    1. Date: and Bib'r: Date and intial form in upper right-hand corner
    2. Do NOT add: Check off Do NOT add to indicate the item should not be added to any Collection. The item goes to booksale holding shelves in Room 239
    1. Collection: You MUST indicate the Collection (see file below) for which the material is to be cataloged
    2. Author: Enter author as: lastname, firstname
    3. Title: Give at least first 4-5 words
    4. Add:
      If DUP, add copy 2: Check off to indicate we want to add another copy in the same Collection as given at top of the form
      If DUP., Do NOT add: Check off to indicate we want only one copy in the location that corresponds to the Collection at the top of the form.
      If DUP in the Collection at top and the gift should go to a different Collection, indicate the additional collection in "Other"
      Add no matter matter how many copies: Check or indicate maximum number of copies that should be in the Collection
        Notify: Patron name, ph. - patron phone number
        RUSH catalog for: Patron or class name, phone - patron phone number
        Needs Bookplate: Fill in text that should appear on bookplate
        Other: Fill in with any other special instructions
Gifts to be added and processed should be placed on Gift shelves in A/BC.
Gifts needing "rush or priority processing" should be put on "RUSH BOOKS" shelf in ABC.
Gifts NOT to be added should be put on booksale holding shelves in 239.