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Note 1: If several codes apply, string together, putting [space];[space] between each code. Do not repeat checkin location. (Ex: ABC SO ; 505 ; ANA/Cont UNDMA CFL3) For future collections, add it also enclosed in brackets. (Ex: Earlier UNDER STAX [REF])

Note 2: If space allows, add date and bibliographer/operator initials with this format: (m/d/y-bib'r) ex: (10/31/03-seh)

Note 3: Bibliographic information is on bib records. Need to write into policies that changes in status must be sent to ABC to update bibs.

Note 4: [draft] Assume JLS1 and JLS2 are checked in by SER; GOVDJ by GOVD; STAT4 by SPEC. For others, record destination; may also record checkin location which should correspoond to Aleph Subscription control Sublib/Collection name.

Tip: To search for text on this page, type Ctrl-F to bring up a "find box" in which you can type a word or part of a word in order to locate the appropriate note.

Note and Checkin Notes

Code Note Checkin Description Other
ABC SO   X ABC Checks in; Standing Order  
ABC 505   X ABC Add title to bib 505  
ABC ANA/Cont   X ABC Analytics per Contents Add branch & collection code. Ex: ANA/Cont UNDMA CFL3; ANA/Cont UNDMU STAXS [REF]; Set processing status: CT
ABC ANA/ContAsApp   X ABC Analytics per Contents as appropriate Same as ANA/Cont; Set processing status: CT
ABC_SendTo   X Send to ABC Set processing status: CT
AltVolNum   X Alternates volume numbering with:  
ANA_LinkAdd   X Make additional ANA link to: Ex: ABC SO ; ANA/Cont UNDMU STAXS [CWRK] ; ANA_LinkAdd OC3393903
AnnlWQuinCum   X Annual, with quinquennial cumulations  
AtlasCase X   Atlas Case HOL ; Add $m Atlas case
Bind X   Bind  
Barcd 1 Copy   X Barcode only 1 copy  
BillCop1SpCol2Ref   X One charged for Special Collections and other charged for Reference  
Bind   X Bind  
BindA   X Bind; Published out of sequence  
BindB   X Bind; Indexes received during following year  
BindCompltVol   X Do not bind until volume is complete (Published out of sequence)  
BindIssTog   X Bind ___ issues together  
BindReEval   X Re-evaluate with v.__ for binding  
BindSuppWJl   X Bind supplement with journal  
BindSuppWJlChron   X Bind supplement with journal in chronological order  
BindVolTog   X Bind ___ volumes together  
BindWith   X Include _____ in binding  
BindWithout   X Do not include ____ in binding  
BNA_OnOrder X   BNA has on order  
CatFor X   Catalog for [sublib] [coll]  
CatAddlFor X   Catalog additional copies for ___  
CatAll X   Catalog all issues received  
CatCop1 X   Catalog 1st copy received for __  
CatSep   X Catalog separately Add branch & collection code. Ex: CatSep UNDMA CFL3; CatSep UNDMU STAXS [REF]; Set processing status: CT
CatSepEval X   Catalog separately. Each issue to be evaluated. Insert gift slip and give to bibliographer. Set processing status: BR
CauseSubOf X   Causes the subscription of (sysno)  
ChkInUndr _   X Supplements that come with a serial but are cataloged with their own bib have their own subscription record; checkin under own record. Bibs need 7XX linking fields.
ChngPubPat   X Change publication pattern  
CLM/Claim   X Claim notes - see table below  
ClosdNoRecvd X   Closed due to non-receipt  
ConfIss   X Conference issue: [instructions] Set processing status: CT
CumAnnl:   X Cumulated quinquennially by:  
CumQuinBy:   X Cumulated quinquennially by:  
Discard X   Discard  
DupRouteTo:   X Duplicates routed to: _____  
Evry2Yrs X   Received/Paid for every two years  
FirmOrder X   Firm order/book budget  
FrmlyPdAltYrs X   Formerly paid for in alternating years  
GiftThruPer X   Gift subscription though PERIODICALS under (sysno)  
HaCoFormatToMag   X Publisher advises the edition has changed to magazine format  
Hol   X Holdings: Ex: Holdings: Same as JL issues
HolAd   X Add to holdings (free text, last holding element) Ex: Add to holdings: * [free text]
HolFromSympNo   X Holdings designation derive from Symposium number  
HolIrregMsg   X Holdings designation irregularly missing  
HolIrregMulPts   X Holdings irregularly consist of multiple parts  
InAcNotDiscon_Date   X Inactive but not discontinued  
InclSepNumIss   X Annually includes a separately numbered issue:  
IssAlsoHaveNo   X Issues also bear volume numbering for ...  
IndexTable   X Index table __ (Ex: 1A) HOL ; Add $m Index Table _
Invoice3PrtsPayUndrEachTitl   X Invoice in three parts, pay under each title  
IrregSupp   X Irregularly supplmented by:  
KeepAds   X Do not remove the loose pages/ads or announcements from the issue. Must keep the issue for 'archival' purposes  
LatEdOnly   X Latest edition only Set processing status: RR
LatEdOnREF   X Latest edition on REF Set processing status: RR
LatEdTilSuprcd   X Latest edition and supplements until superceded Set processing status: RR
LatEdEarlier   X Latest ed. on _REF; earlier eds. in _ Add branch & collection code. Ex: LatEd UNDMA REF ; Earlier UNDMA CFL3
Set processing status: RR
Lat_EdEarlier   X Latest _ ed(s). only; latest on _REF; earlier eds. in _ Add branch & collection code. Ex: Lat2Eds ; LatEd UNDMA REF ; Earlier UNDER STAX [REF]
Set processing status: RR
LatEdOldest ABC_SendTo X   Latest ed, oldest ABC_SendTo to WD, DPTP_SendTo Exchg Latest _ed(s) situation: Oldest issue send to ABC to WD; set Processing status: WD; send to DPTP for Exchange
LatPubdFutrUnkn X   Latest published; future publication unknown  
Lease/Rent X   Lease/Rental - Return to Dun's  
LocatePubFutVolsShip   X Vendor is trying to locate a publisher/distributor, when one is found future vols will be shipped  
LoosLefIntFile   X Loose-leaf. Interfile with existing volumes  
LoosLefSnd   X Loose-leaf (Dept'l). Send to ___ without permanent label Set processing status
LoosLefBndr   X Loose-leaf. Barcode each binder with holdings plus binder.Change publication pattern  
Membrshp X   Membership in the name of (sysno)  
MnthlyWAnnlCum   X Monthly, with a final annual cumulation  
NeedForBind   X _____ (issue) needed for binding  
NoANA X   Do not do analytics  
NoBind   X Do not bind - (reason)  
NoBrowse   X Do NOT pub on Browse  
NoLongrRecd X   No longer received (m/d/y)(reason)  
NoLongrRecdW X   No longer received with (sysno)  
NoPamBind X   Do not pam bind  
NoPermLabel X   Do not use permanent label  
NoSep   X Do not separate into parts  
NotON_SO X   Not on standing order __ [reason]  
NotCat_OCLC X   Do not catalog on OCLC  
NotPubd   X ______ never published  
OnlineOnly X   Online access only  
OrderSep X   No longer available through subscription, reorder separately  
OutOfPrint   X ______ out of print  
Oversize   X Oversize  
PaleoLab   X Paleo Lab UNDGE  
PamBind X   Process with pam binder  
PdAltYrs X   Paid for in alternating years, by: (dept)(dept)  
PdUndr X   Paid under:  
PdThruPer X   Paid through Periodicals under:  
PermLbl   X Permanent label  
PredPatAlt X   Prediction pattern altered: ��__[change made]__  
PredPatNo X   Prediction pattern - do not create (initials)(m/d/y)  
PrePdUndr X   Prepaid under (sysno)  
PrevPdUndr X   Previously paid under (sysno)  
PreRecdUndr X   Previously received under(sysno)  
ProcdgIss   X Proceedings issue: [instructions] Set processing status: CT
PubDelayd   X Publications delayed  
PubOutSeq   X Published out of sequence  
PubSuspnd   X Publication suspended: ______  
QtlyWAnnlCum   X Quarterly, with a final annual cumulation  
RecdApprPlan   X Received on approval plan  
RecdExchg X   Received on exchange (NDQ) or (NDGS)  
RecdGift X   Received as Gift  
RecdIrreg X   Irregularly received  
RecdPapr/Fiche X   Title alternately received in paper and microfiche  
RecdPartOf   X Receid as part of  
RecdThruPerUndr X   Received through Periodicals under(sysno)  
ReEval X   Re-evaluate by bibliographer. Set processing status: JR
RenewBibrDecsn X   Renewed, only with specific instruction from bib'r  
RetCurYrsIssOnly X   Retain current years issues only  
RetCur_YrsIssOnly X   Retain current ___ years issues only  
RetPapTilMfm X   Retain paper issues until replaced by [microfiche]  
RetAllEds X   Retain all editions  
RetAllIssRecd X   Retain all issues received  
RetAllIssSIL X   Retain all issues received for SIL  
RetTilSuprcd X   Retain until superceded  
RtnCumIndexTilSuprcd   X Retain cumulative index until superceded  
RouteBibr   X Route to Bibliographer __  
RouteOldEd:   X Route old edition to:  
RouteWdnTo:   X Route withdrawn issues to ___, box ___  
SetCompltIn X   Set completed in ___ volumes  
SO-Start X   Standing order established (m/d/y) - bib'r  
SpecIss   X Special issue: [instructions] Set processing status: CT
SpecIssWJlNo   X Special issue bears journal's normal numbering  
SubIncl X   Subscription includes (sysno)  
SubNoIncl X   Subscription does not include (sysno)  
SubNoInclSuppl   X Supplement subscription on a separate serial record  
SuppIss   X Supplement issue: [instructions] Set processing status: CT
SupplSubSepS.Record   X Supplement subscription on a separate serial record  
SuppNoCat X   Supplement. Do not catalog  
SupplTo: X   Published as a suppplement to regular issues of ...(sysno)  
TitlCncld X   Title cancelled  
TitlChng   X Title change. Send to Shelby Set processing status: TC
TitlChngExpctd   X Title change expected to: __  
TitlClosd X   Title closed  
TitlReinst X   Title reinstated  
TitlReordrd X   Title reordered  
TransFrmTo X   Transfered from ___ to ___  
Unavail   X ______ unavailable  
UncatRoute X   Uncataloged. Route to ___  
WdSuprcdIss   X Withdraw superceded issues  
Wdn X   Withdrawn  
Wdn-ReplByMfm X   Withdrawn. Replaced by microform  
WebCostNoOrdr X   Full Online Access available for $-- (date). Do not order -(bib'r)  
WebFree X   Online access free  
WebFreeWSub X   Online comes free with print subscription  
WebReplPrnt X   No longer available in print. Replaced by free online version  
WebExtFee X   Online comes with an extra fee w/print subscription  

Claim Notes

CLMDClaimed (vendor)(m/y/d) 
ClaimLimit:Claim limit: ____  
ClaimNotYetClaim not yet processed 
RSPN RESPONSE from (source): _____ (m/d/y)  
ClaimTo:Claim to: __ 
Direct [name]Claim direct to [name] 
Ebsco Claim to EBSCO Subscription Services #21023 
GiftGift, claim to: __ 
MembrClaimTitlClaimedIdentify title when claiming through membership 
NDAS ExchNDAS exchange, claim to: __ 
NotYetPubd_____ (issue) not yet published ; and/or use dropdown NYP  
PhoneClaimMust telephone annually to receive new edition 
PubrProjtdDate Publisher's projected publication date ; use also with NYP or NYD  
PubDelayd Publication delayed: (issue)(m/d/y) 
PubReglrDelay Publication consistently delayed 
ReCLMRECLAIMED ____ (m/d/y) 
RSPNResponse info whofrom Email? (m/d/y) 
WriteClaimMust send WRITTEN claims 

Ref ID

REF ID - DECSION Note for consortial ESRC titles. 
Consider using TOMCAT and/or dept code for other active serials.

Code Description
ACS ESRC American Chemical Society consortia
ACS ESRC ENE American Chemical Society consortia - Energy's title
AMS ESRC American Meteorological Society
BRIN DE ESRC EBSCO title but not available through EBSCO Online. Periodical that we receive online access to because of the BRIN Grant.
CONSORT ESRC Gift subscription that is accessible free through EBSCO Online
DE ESRC EBSCO title but not available through EBSCO
DIREC C ESRC Direct vendor ASCE Journals
DIREC M ESRC Direct vendor ASME journals
DIRECT ESRC Direct vendor
EBSCO G ESRC Title that we do not have a subscription to. Free, but we can access it through EBSCO Online
EBSCO P ESRC Titles that we are paying extra for online access. (Example: Soil Science Society of America journal) Online used to be free, no longer free, went up to $.. to get print/online access.
EBSCO L ESRC Lawrence Erlbaum (Print titles we pay an additional percent for online access)[2001-2002 was free; 2003-2004 extra charge; 2005 Mary will re-evaluate price increase] [EBSCO LAW ERL ERSRC in Decision note
EBSCO 0 ESRC (OUP) Oxford University Press. (Print titles we pay an additional percent for online acces) [EBSCO OUP ESRC will be Decision note]
EBSCO P ESRC Titles that we are paying extra for online access. (Example: Soil Science Society of America journal) Online used to be free, no longer free, went up to $.. to get print/online access.
EBSCO R ESRC (NRC) ND National Research Council Press consortia
EBSCO X ESRC Emerald Consortia titles, but also access thru EBSCO
EBSCO Z ESRC Elsevier ScienceWeb Direct
ESIG PscyArticles through MINITEX
EXCH NDAS Exchange North Dakota Academy of Science
EXCH NDGS Exchange North Dakota Geological Survey
EXCH NDQ Exchange North Dakota Quarterly
EXCH SIL Exchange Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL)
S EBSCO ESRC Standing order
ED ESRC Access through EBSCO direct (ex: IEEE spectrum)
EHC History Cooperative. EBSCO link is to publisher
GIFT ESRC Periodical gift
JSTOR ESRC Five years backfiles
KLUWER ESRC Titles through Kluwer
MUSE ESRC Project Muse titles
PSYC DB ESRC PsycArticles Database
SOB ESRC BNA standing order titles
SO BRIN ESRC Standing order we receive online access to because of BRIN grant
SO DIRE ESRC Standing order direct vendor