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Repair Request

Process for items in need of repair:

  1. Materials needing repair are placed on the mending shelf in Access Services. Set processing status to Mending Needed (MN)
  2. The Binding Associate will determine "Cannot Mend", "Can mend in-house" or "Pre-1900". For materials able to be mended, Binding Associate sets the processing status to Mending Being Done (MD)
  3. If pre-1900, Access Services sets the processing status to Rarebook Review (RB) and delivers to Special Collections
  4. Binding Associate sets processing status to Spine Table (SP) for items needing relabeling and delivers to ABC.
  5. Bibliographers determine whether to withdraw or replace
    • Bibliographers should indicate reason for withdrawal and deliver to ABC
    • Bibliographers should include BIP citation or other verification if replacement order should be placed and indicate whether it should be a specific edition
  6. If to to be encased rather than mended, set processing status to To ABC (CT) and deliver to ABC
  7. Include any special instructions, new location, etc.

ABC will carry out tasks appropriate to the decisions:

  • order replacement
  • withdraw, mark item withdrawn, retain withdrawal decision with item, and store on shelves to go to booksale
  • relabel once repaired
  • encase in adjustable containers and double barcode the item and the container
  • recatalog if indicated in special instructions