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All forms are located at the bottom of this page.

New Orders

HOW TO RUSH: New order

OPAC Definition
Pre Order Review Order entered but not ordered
Order in Process Item ready to order may have been ordered
On Order Item has been ordered possibly received
Cancelled Order Order has been cancelled ask Patty or Laurie
Received Order/Uncat Order has been received and paid; it is in ABC
Cataloging, New Order has been cataloged; in ABC waiting for processing
ABC-to-Access On ABC shelves in Access Services


  1. Verify bibliographic information: Include complete information, list price, format, ISBN, etc. Indicate source, or include photocopy from BIP, screen prints from BCM or ODIN, ad, catalog page, review, etc.
  2. Check ODIN: ODIN OPAC and/or ALEPH GUI. If we already have the book in the library or on order, it will show up in both places. There is no difference between the online catalog AND the acquisitions file. Skip to the "already" steps below.
  3. Fill out the purple RUSH ORDER/ON ORDER FORM Requests Without Notification Instructions Will Not Be RUSHED!!
  4. Attach the RUSH ORDER form to your bibliographic information.

    Note:"EXPEDITED RUSH" - If there is an imperative need to receive the material in the shortest amount of time possible, we may order locally, or from online bookstores. Please be aware that Expedited Rush materials may NOT be subject to our usual discounts, and may incur additional shipping & handling costs. ASK QUESTIONS!

  5. Put RUSH orders in the wire RUSH basket on Patty's file cabinet. Date the request.

Already "on order" / Not Received

HOW TO RUSH: Already "on order" / Not Received


  1. Locate Brief BIB record in ODIN. Print the record.
  2. Fill out the purple Rush Order/On Order Form. If the item is to be placed on hold for the patron, include patron barcode or ID.
  3. Attach the printed the record to the order form.
  4. Put the rush request in the wire RUSH basket on Patty's file cabinet. Date the request

Already "received order/uncataloged"

HOW TO RUSH: Already "received order/uncataloged"


  1. Forms are kept at Reference and Access Services. Access Services reviews all requests to ensure patron data is current.
  2. Locate Brief BIB record in ODIN. Print the record.
  3. Fill out the YELLOW ITEM REQUEST FORM (see below for document)
  4. Attach the printed record to the yellow request form.
  5. Bring to Joan, Beth or Shelby ONLY! If requested evenings or weekends, please put in the Cataloging mailbox (not Acquisitions) and leave a voice mail notification for Joan or tape to ABC's door.




  1. Fill out the white Gift Slip and put book on RUSH BOOKS!! shelf in ABC.
  2. See instructions: Gift Slip

What Technical Services will do


If you have questions or concerns, please contact Joan, Laurie, or Shelby.



  1. Place rush orders as expeditiously as possible.
  2. If not already received, ABC will add notes to rush catalog the requested item.
  3. If already received, ABC will locate item & have it RUSH cataloged. The patron should be told it will be available the next business day. The item should have the temporary location box checked, Collection NEWB, set item processing status to NB, and set inventory date to current date. The item will be delivered to Access Services (Karlene) to notify the patron.
  4. We ask that only 3 items be rushed per patron per week. In extreme circumstances, see the Head of Collection Development (Mary Drewes) for authorization to exceed this maximum.
  5. For Notification, ABC will update for Initiator ID on the order to generate a patron notification letter (Order Arrival Message) upon receipt. Process following rush procedures except: 1) complete cataloging within 1 week or sooner, 2) take new books to new book shelves.
  6. Out of Print, Out of Stock and cancelled items will be handled on a case-by-case basis.



  1. On the printed record, write using bright marker: RUSH LABEL -- give to [the person's name who cataloged it]
  2. Hand the item to a student labeler indicating it needs to be returned to the cataloger
  3. The person who cataloged it, DIRs the record and takes the item with all the paperwork to Karlene or to the Access Services Manager (Stan)



You may print the following forms. The colored form is preferred because it helps track the request, however, the information on the form itself is what is needed to process the request.

Yellow rush form: User Request Form 

Purple rush order form: Rush Order/On Order Form

Beige Notification Form