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Gift Order Process

Gift vendors Set Delivery Delay to 10 (to keep from claiming before invoiced and arrived)

Create Order per Gift Orders

Click Send


ILL Gifts Elise handles.

1)    Create brief bib

2)    Do not create order (it has already been ordered by ILL)

3)    Add ILL gift in the order number field in the item record



  •         Cataloger catalogs if they can
  •         If person entering order can't catalog,

o       pencils order number on gift slip

o       shelves with paid items waiting to be cataloged

o       if priority or from gift rush shelf, gives to cataloger per Who gets what to catalog


Invoice - once a week Debbie pays invoices for the gift materials and says Yes to arrive (this stops the claiming)


Weekly Invoicing:


  • In the folder index list choose index by budget and enter starting point gift.


  • Choose the order type M (this will limit your search to monographs) and choose the invoice status N (this will eliminate any paid invoices).


  • Fill in the date of the last day you paid invoices. (If you can't remember use the first day of the current month or look at the last invoice by searching in the invoice search boxes.)


  • Click refresh filter and scroll through the list to see which gift budgets have unpaid gifts.


  • For consistency, fill in the full name of the budget and do an exact match (check the box) for each budget with unpaid gifts.


  • Print this list and treat it as the invoice to pay from. (The list can be printed by scrolling to the bottom, clicking inside the list and pressing F11.)


  • Invoice number - for consistency use the 6 letters of the budget, i.e. UNDMA, UNDMU, etc. followed by the current date YYYYMMDD (i.e., UNDMA20060201).


  • It is not necessary to count the line items to determine the dollar amount of the invoice. (Estimate the amount to enter on the general invoice and adjust it when finished with the line items.)


  • If the invoice item number exceeds 50-60, create more than one invoice giving each invoice a different date. Often there will be a logical break.


  • Complete the invoice as you would any other assigning it an approval number.


  • Print General Invoice tab2 screen and give to Laurie to pay final.