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Selecting New Books for Display 

  • Note: When cataloging books with gift slips, leave the slips in the book until they are ready for New Book review
  • Books are put on New Book review trucks if:
    • Title is newly ordered for the library (not S.O.)
    • First copy (not additional copies)
    • Permanent location is general stacks (CFL3 or CFL4)
    • Gift title published in the last 6 years


    New Books Process 

  • ABC assembles ca. 2 book trucks of new books in call number order while DIRing
  • Reference Librarian (Victor) in charge of the New Book display reviews the books on the 2 trucks and removes any that should not go to New Books display. Those are set to Processing Status TA.
  • ABC changes the items selected for New Book display to "temporary location" checkbox and Collection NEWB. ABC sets the processing status to NB and sets inventory date. ABC rechecks accuracy of spine label with item. (Note: If Processing Status is not NB, the items will not be reported on the New Books report)

    Collection Processing status Temporary location Call Number
    NEWB  NB  Checked Match to spine


    • The display in the OPAC says NEWB temporarily, leaving the permanent location in the HOL.
    • The books may be checked out. Access Services does not need to do anything special. The OPAC will show New Books and due dates.


    Library Collection Call Number Description Item status due date/hour Barcode
    UND Chester Fritz New Books HQ799.2.V56 P76 2004 v.2 New Books New Books 33100019560217


    • Books will be left on the New Book display shelves ca. 2 months. ABC will notify the Librarian that 2 more trucks are ready for review (step 2 above)
    • Once the new trucks have been reviewed, ABC will pull the "old" New Books from the display shelves and Access Services shelf and update the items to remove "temporary location". This will be done on a day where staff are scheduled to be available to complete the process in a day.
    • ret_adm_01 will be run in Aleph Circulation to obtain a report listing any books that still say NEWB after step 7 is complete. These either got mis-shelved in the regular stacks or are checked out to patrons.
      a) ABC will update the item removing "temporary location", setting inventory date, and processing status to [blank]. This will not affect the patron or circulation status. 
      b) The report will go to the Access Services Specialist (Karlene) to locate or verify the items are charged.
    • ABC will update the "temporary location" on the "new" New Books (step 3 above), etc.
    • Access Services will shelve the "old" new books in the regular stacks.
    • ABC will shelve the "new" New Books.