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Routed, Uncataloged, Discarded Serials

Uncataloged, routed, decision, in-review, etc. serials are entered in Aleph as follows:

  1. Bibliographic records:
    • Use existing bib, create brief bib, or export new record from OCLC. 
    • Use existing bib if no errors.
    • If it has errors (WKPG/CONV) and won't work, export bib from OCLC without setting holdings or create new brief record, then total-delete the old record.
    • Add 590__ $a DECISION RECORD.
    • May add 022 ISSN and 035 OCLC number if easily available to enhance searching.
    • Move notes to item records. Once in the item, delete those fields from the BIB.
  2. Holding records:
    • Change 852 to 852 8# $h DECISION
    • Remove call number. Enter $b sublibrary and $c collection for where it would logically be shelved
    • Add $m Routed -- or term(s) that generally describes how to handle the issues
  3. Items:
    • Create/edit one item.
    • Description: can enter beginning date of receipt, e.g. 2008-
    • Notes: Internal or Circ notes may be used. Copy notes from the BIB to the Internal note. DPTP can add more notes.
  4. Subscription:
    • Do not create a subscription if there isn't one.
  5. Orders:
    • Do not create an order for something we are not keeping.
    • If there is an order leave it or use same order as title a route-to comes with.
  6. Searching with UND-FULL brings up both active and suppressed records. Linda will have checkin people use UND-FULL. Ex: sys=946676


Note: 852 should be 852 4 $j but Aleph does not display text as call number, hence does not assist staff with identification of status.