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Reference Librarians: About Us

About Us:   

  • Reference
  • Research
  • Instruction

Reference:  answering questions in-person at our reference desk, by chat, phone or e-mail

Research: more in depth assistance - set up a research appointment(s) in person, on Zoom, or with Starfish

Instruction:  we work closely with faculty to teach in their classrooms (in-person or online) as well as in the library

Ask a Librarian or Peer Research Consultant For Help!

  • The Library’s homepage gets you to resources you need to do your research and write your papers. 
  • Reference librarians are your guide in finding what you need.
  • Peer Research Consultants work with undergraduate students and aid with English 130 and Communication classes to use the library databases and other online resources.



Reference Librarians: Hours of Availability

How do Patrons Contact Us?

How do YOU contact a Reference Librarian for assistance?

  • In Teams

What hours are the Reference Librarians or Peer Research Consultants available?

The Role of Subject Librarians

Our work as Subject Librarians:

  • We each have a Masters degree in library science and we all have many years of experience.
  • We make sure that our departments have access to books, journals, DVDs and other resources that they need.  
  • We teach classes in our subject areas.

What's My Role?

Recognize we're all working towards the same goal
  • Collaboration to give the best possible service
  • Collaboration to give the most complete and accurate information
Close the loop
  • If you do not find a known item, send a copy of the libstats entry with patron contact info to
  • Even if you find a known item, offer the services of a PRC or a reference librarian (by subject) and their business card