CFL Student Employee Training

information for student employees

At the Desk

Studying during work hours is generally not permitted. Neither is reading magazines or other type of literature.

If you are allowed study time:

  1. Do not spread out across the entire space - go around the other side of the desk and see what that looks like; it doesn't meet our customer service standards!
  2. Do not put a laptop facing forward - again, see what it looks like from the other side; very unapproachable. Make sure it sits in front of the other computer.
  3. Leaving the desk to go study on work time is not allowed. 
  4. Never more than 1 hour
  5. Never more than 1 person at a time may be studying - if two of you have nothing to do, one will be sent home.

Never have them in at the desk! How can we listen to our patrons?

Even one in makes us look unapproachable.

Circulation Procedures

We have a lot of changes coming for this!

  • ALMA (see next tab!)
  • Self Check stations
    • Everyone will receive training on these once in the building
    • We're preferring to send patrons to these instead of handling items they have touched
  • More updates forthcoming


  • Barcodes are going away
  • There is an option to type in a patron's name, but like in the past, DON'T!
    • Use their EMPLID
    • If we MUST type in their name (get permission from staff first!!!), then verify against both EMPLID and phone number.
  • Stan is the lead staff member in Access, then Karlene and Chris
  • Alex is the Lead ALMA student - he's spent many hours this summer learning how to use it. He provided "cheat sheets" in Teams to help you out. Please review these when you start working the front desk.

You will log in to ALMA using the URL below and use your NDUS credentials.


To login in for your “library card”, etc. you will use your NDUS credentials.