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Our Game Collection In the Library

There are a few ways to access what games we have in the building!

  • Board Game Collection Discovery
    • You can tell patrons they can also access this from our home page (
      • Click on Advanced Search
      • At the top of the page there is a link to Collection Discovery
  • BoardGameGeek collection
    • Put together by Alfred, this is just another fun way to view for you!

This is not within the library, but Alfred recommends:

    • Put "CFLgames" under "search the collections of these BGG users," put in the number of players, the "weight" (how tricky is the game to learn/play), tell it you're a human, and see what happens. 
    • Eight students looking for a party game?  Go here.
    • A table of four looking for a challenge?  Try this.
    • Date night?  Say no more.
    • It has a ranking algorithm, but lists everything it thinks is possible.