CFL Student Employee Training

information for student employees


You're almost done with your training!

You will not get password permissions until all shelving training is completed. Let Karlene know when you reach that point. Until then, you leave this page. Come back when you are ready to start your training. There will be videos to watch, as well as going through each of the tabs attached in this box.

  • Do NOT
    • Type in their name
    • Type in their EMPLID number
  • If they do NOT have their ID with, use customer service to say "We do need to have your ID, but here's what I can do for you: I can show you how to use the self-check machine, or I can put your name on it for you to come back later with your card."
  • Did you know there's an app you can put on your phone? See Chris about this!
  • Please review the "cheat sheets" in Teams to help you out.

To login in for your “library card”, etc. you will use your NDUS credentials.


You will log in to ALMA using the URL below and use your NDUS credentials.

However, this will not be activated until Karlene sees you have completed a majority of your other training

When checking in items, always watch for lost items being returned. I need to be informed about it so I can process the fines and/or credits, and I like to look at the item to evaluate for damages. For full details, see Lost item return 2022 Fall.docx in Teams under Alma Info Training.

When returning items, always be on the lookout for messages such as this:

If you see this

  • Print the screen
  • Write on the printout:
    • "Item declared lost"
    • your initials
    • the date
  • Put the paper in the book
  • Place it on the Circulation Specialist's Desk (Chris)


Patrons like to have their fines removed or credited. That can only be done if the person in charge of billing (Chris) knows about it.

If there are questions, see Karlene, Chris, or Stan


Can they check out? They can! They will need to fill out a registration form (located in the Student Instructions libguide – which you get access to once you complete your basic training). There is also information at about alumni information they may ask about! (Reminder that we do not have any paper forms at the Information Desk – ever! They’re on the libguide to be printed out)

If a patron comes in with a laminated card labeled “NORTH DAKOTA LAW REVIEW” scan the card, then check their U-Card to verify they are on the list of authorized users. The Alma account has a note with the list of users and their ID numbers. If they are on the list, then checkout the books to the NORTH DAKOTA LAW REVIEW account, not their personal account. For questions, see Stan or Chris.

If a faculty member fills out a Faculty proxy agreement, they may have their designated student checkout materials for them. Please see this guide for more info on the checkout, or see UND CFL Policies and Procedures > Depts. And Units > Public Services > Access & Info Desk > Using the faculty proxy checkout.docx