CFL Student Employee Training

information for student employees


  • Training quizzes - do this as well!
    • Read the Tutorial
    • Scroll all the way to the bottom and go on to the quizzes
    • Complete all three quizzes, stopping to show your senior buddy or a staff member that you have them all correct

Now that you have the basics, let's throw you a curve ball!

Did you know...

the book may be an LC call number, but may not be in the main stacks or general collection! Where might it have gone?

  • Periodicals
  • Special Collections
  • Popular Reading
  • Reference
  • Oversize
  • Branch Libraries



Stop at this point!

You are ready for the real life training blocks! A senior student or Karlene will get you started.

Do not advance to further reading until you complete this or Karlene tells you to go on.

You will come back to this tab for the Dewey training.

Dewey Decimal

You will not start on this section until you have shown mastery of Library of Congress. Come back to this training guide at that point!

Dewey is also known as the Children's Collection here in the library. It's located on 4th floor.

You will come back to complete the training on this page once you have completed your LC training, interfiling, checking, pulling and shelving.


There are several videos out there about the DDC. Here are a few to help you out.

DDC Classification

Do the Dewey

Dewey Rap


Scratch games / tutorials

Dewey Decimal Intro


You will never shelve SuDocs. These are government documents found on the first floor. However, you WILL be asked by patrons to help them find things in the stacks. Familiarize yourself with this system so you know enough to help out.

This is not on your training checklist - it's expected you'll complete it on the honor system when you're ready.