CFL Student Employee Training

information for student employees


We have seven standards that are for everyone in the building:

Accountability, Approachability, Efficiency, Knowledgeability, Respect, and Teamwork, all with a focus on Communication.

UND has a focus across campus on Communication, both verbal and written.

Access Services will pay particular attention to Accountability and Knowledgeability.

While not on our evaluation, Leadership is the top thing jobs are looking for in 2020/21. We will note your ability for this through Teamwork, Communication, and Respect.


We will not have a paper binder to keep track of what we do each day from here on out.

Instead, you will, on every shift,

  • Go to Teams
  • Files
  • Student Projects
  • Find your tab
    • On your tab, you may find projects already waiting for you, assigned by librarians.
      • Ask your "buddy" or your supervisor how to fill this out
    • Otherwise, list the activities you complete on each of your shifts