CFL Student Employee Training

information for student employees


There are two locations

  • Interior at Access Window
  • Exterior
    • The key is kept in the tall cabinet.
    • You can use the door to the east accessible parking lot to get to the bookdrop on the southeast corner of the library, but you will need a keycard approved for entry to get back in (or block door open).
    • If you need to use the wagon, use the south doors.
    • Patrons can drive down Centennial Dr and drop off items from the driver’s side, then back up and depart.
    • Video on how to open & close at Madeleine book drop  
      • This can be found in the OTHER team (Policies and Procedures) -  
      • Depts. And units>files>Public services>access and info desk 

Checking Books

B&T stamp reminder 

  • Popular reading books with the red B&T labels (Baker and Taylor) do NOT get stamped with the “University of North Dakota Libraries” stamp.
  • The library is borrowing all books with the B&T sticker, and if they are stamped the library has to purchase them.
  • If you are not sure what these labels look like please ask a senior, Chris, or Karlene.


Relabeling faded labels

  • It should be placed at the relabel table instead of the shelf labeled Circ-Cat next to the swinging door.
  • A work order for “Cataloging technical services fix” is still needed so we know where it is.
  • All other work orders sent to Technical Services (wrong catalog record, duplicate call number, etc.) will still go to the Circ-Cat shelf near the door.

Checking Materials Out


Display item checkout length Items on the two rotating display racks should checkout for 30 days. When patrons return them, please remove the display status. Instructions can be found in teams under Alma Info – Training > Files > Display status on-off 1.1.docx 

ILL In-House 

When a patron checks out an ILL that is labeled as “In Library Use,advise the patron not to leave the library with it and to return it to the desk when done. When they return it, ask if they are fully done with it and if we can return it to the home library. If they say YES, scan it in as normal and place it on the ILL return shelf. If NO, do not scan it in. Place it on the bottom shelf of the holds/ILL area in the spot labeled “IN LIBRARY USE ONLY”


LoT checkout accuracy 

When checking out items from Library of Things, it’s important to checkout the right items. If the patron brings up the sheet for Noise Cancelling Headphones 5, process the checkout and give them the case for Noise Cancelling Headphones 5, not 2, 7, or any other numbers. This ensures that when the item is returned, we can check in the correct headphones and avoid having the wrong person get charged for not returning their items. Only one item per sheet; one stress ball sheet doesn’t allow them to take 2 stress balls. Stress ball sheets have a tag at the top so they match the color of ball. If cookie cutters are checked out, make sure the right ones go out; compare the picture on the sheet or online if needed.




If you have questions about textbooks, remember to say “textbooks can be purchased at the bookstore or online. Here’s what we can do though – ask your professor to bring a copy to put on reserve. You can also check out our Textbook savvy guide: Do NOT recommend pirating sites- Reference Librarians 

Empty book trucks

The walkway of the back hallway needs to be kept clear due to fire evacuation rules. If anything is sticking out from the wall and it isn’t the support columns, it’s in the way.


  • When you go to turn the fireplace on or off, you must insert the 3 AAA batteries into the remote and remove them when you are done. We can’t leave the batteries in the remote because it is draining them much faster than a TV remote.
  • Store the batteries in the box the remote sits in at Mr. Brown.  


All questions other than "can I check this out" must be recorded.

When out and about in the building, if you get a question, the “location” will still count as Information Desk (since that’s our home base). But! In the “question” box, put the actual location in parentheses for us!

Technological Things



Infobase provides online training solutions that answer, “How do I do that?” questions through an extensive library of short, easy-to-understand video tutorials. Faculty, staff, and students will be able to stay on top of the latest technology applications and get answers to software questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Infobase is great for tutorials for any Microsoft Office application. It offers basic and advanced tutorials for many applications. Infobase also includes tutorials for time management, goal setting, internet safety, etc. (The login in it near the bottom of the page.)- EM 4/18/23 

One Button Studio  

Don’t forget to check the key in when people return it! It doesn’t matter if they’re going to use the key the next day. CHECK IT IN. If they return it and say they have left everything on, NO. They are responsible to shut things off to prevent burn out of mechanics. They can turn it back on when they return. They should also NOT leave personal items behind in the studio when they leave.


Portable charger 

If the portable chargers have no lights on, refuse to charge items, or won’t light up when put on the charging station in Access Services, check the bottom of the charger for a small switch to see if the unit is on or off. If on, it should light up.