CFL Student Employee Training

information for student employees

Sample Questions: when to refer or not

These are typical questions that may occur at the different areas, or should be referred to them.

When you have completed all of your other online training, complete this and send to Karlene. People working in these areas will be happy to help you (from a safe distance!).

Copy everything below to a word doc, Google doc, etc. When complete, send it to Karlene.

  • Special Collections Questions:
    • Where is the Archives located?
    • What are Special Collections hours on the weekend?
    • Can you help me find genealogical information?
    • Does the library have materials about former UND students?
    • Can large format items be scanned/copied in the library?


  • Interlibrary Loan / Information Services Questions:
    • Can I renew my interlibrary loan book?
    • Can I request textbooks through ILL?
    • How do I make an interlibrary loan request?
    • How long does ILL take?
  • Ask Us/ Peer Research Consultant / Information Services Questions:
    • I have this book’s title and call number, can you help me find it?
    • How do I print?
    • Can you help me use the scanners?
    • Twilight is located in Popular Reading, correct?
    • Where are binding services for my thesis?
    • Can I reserve a study room?
  • Ask Us / PRC Questions:
    • Can you help me find a book on theories on motivation?
    • Do you have the “Journal of Marketing”?
    • I’m looking for the most recent Judy Blume book.
    • Can I get a guest pass?
    • How do I find a list of DVD’s that the library owns?
    • I’m looking for some history about the Hyslop Sports Center at UND.
    • I would like to see the Grand Forks Herald from January 1947.
    • What are the best databases for accountancy?
    • I have a term paper in education, what would be the best database to use?
    • Can you help me with my bibliography citation format?

Advanced training guide

At this point, if Karlene has not already assigned you the advanced training guide, remind her to put it on your project list!