CFL Student Employee Training

information for student employees

Schedules and Paychecks


  • You are expected to be on time and stay until the end of your shift (unless arrangements have been made).
  • If you are sick, call your supervisor early or email as directed.
    • If an emergency develops (family death, accident, or other), call your supervisor as soon as possible.

Work Schedules

  • This is set for the entire semester.
  • Public Services provides a master schedule in Microsoft Teams under the first tab of Student Projects.
    • There is a weekly schedule in a binder at the corner of your supervisor's desk.
  • Holidays, long weekends, etc. are special schedules where you are usually granted them off. Please see your department schedule or supervisor to confirm before you are gone.
    • Finals week usually has a new schedule to accommodate everyone's finals schedules.
  • At the end of each semester, you will fill out a master schedule with your supervisor. Your schedule will remain set for the semester, rather than changing weekly.

Making Time Up

  • Permission may be granted by your supervisor (you must talk with them beforehand where possible) to make up hours lost due to factors such as official holidays, vacation days, and excused absences.

How do I get rehired?

Appointments to student positions are made on a semester-by-semester basis, and continued employment depends on a number of factors including performance, availability of positions, funding, and continued enrollment of the student. All positions are subject to change in the event of fluctuating workloads and / or budget adjustments.

Our students almost always exceed our expectations and remain with us throughout their UND careers!


The first and last thing you should do on every shift is record your time and fill out the manual form (if required by your supervisor).

You will need to go through Oracle to do online timekeeping.

  • Sign in with your campus connection credentials
  • Click on "Time" located under "Employee Self Service"
  • Make sure you use the correct TIME REPORTING CODE:
    • H14 for work-study
    • H01 for institutional *It defaults for this one - watch out!
  • If you click on the arrow on the right side of the screen that is connected to the "in" box, you are able to leave comments
    • Comments can be for explanations for why you are late. 

If you aren't sure which you are, talk to your supervisors first!

Some departments want to know when you are clocking in and out.

Access / Knowledge Commons will continue to use TEAMS.

  • Find the correct channel (most of you will be in General)
  • in the Post box, type "punching in" or something similar
  • At the end of your shift, type something like "clocking out" or "leaving for the day"

This helps

  • To account for lapses in the electronic program
  • If you forget to punch in or out on a given day
  • To provide accountability for work shift

When will I get paid?

  • Your first paycheck will come one month after you start working.
  • Pay periods run 1-15th and 16th - last day of the month.

Will it cover the time I just worked?

  • No. Paychecks are always two weeks behind. If you work through the 31st, you will be paid for it on the 15th.

Where can I view my paycheck?

Go to and use your campus credentials to log in. It should look something like this:

  • "Time" will let you log in.
  • "Payroll" will let you view your paycheck!

On the left side you will see something like:

Click on the date line you wish to view.

Chester Fritz Library follows Federal Guidelines for the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (29 U.S.C.A. § 201):

  • 29 CFR §785.18 (rest periods)
  • 29 CFR §785.19 (meal periods)


           If you work                  Then you get

  • 4 hours                      15 minute break (do NOT punch out)
  • 6 hours                      15 minute break (do NOT punch out) OR 1/2 hour lunch (DO punch out)
  • 7 hours                      15 minute break (do NOT punch out) AND 1/2 hour lunch (DO punch out)
  • 8 hours                      TWO 15 minute breaks (do NOT punch out) AND 1/2 hour lunch (DO punch out)


        We do make some exceptions, provided you ask:

  • If you have 2 or more hours of class directly on one side or the other of a two or three hour work shift, you are mentally engaged that entire time. Please ask your supervisor if you may include a 15 minute break for this (as it is equivalent to a 4 or 5 hour shift).
  • If you would like a longer lunch, most supervisors in the building are happy to accommodate this. Again, just ask!

      15 minute breaks cannot:

  • be added on to lunch
  • used to come in late
  • used to leave early

Use of the Break Room

  • You are welcome to use anything you like. Pots and pans are in a lower cupboard. Tupperware in an upper.
  • Clean up after yourself - do not leave things in the sink or on the counter.
  • The fridge
    • Bring only a day or two worth of food - there are too many people using it for more than that.
    • You may drop food off earlier in the day if you work later
  • The space
    • You may use it only attached to a shift (before starting, during, right after) to eat or take a break.
    • Do not use it for studying after hours due to security.

Leaving the Building

  • If you are not punched in, you may leave the building.
  • If you are on work time, you do not leave the building (other than for work related business).
  • That means:
    • Yes, during your lunch break if punched out
    • No, to 15 minute breaks

This section covers the importance of privacy.

This is in adherence of North Dakota Code 40-38-12: Any record maintained or received by a library receiving public funds, which provides a library patron's name or information sufficient to identify a patron together with the subject about which the patron requested information, is considered private and excepted from the public records discloser requirements of section 44-04-18. These records may be released when required pursuant to court order or subpoena.

We may not disclose information about our patrons unless directed by library administration, and must take reasonable steps to ensure that sensitive and confidential information on computers is not visible to others or left on computer terminals.

Please take the quiz below.

1. Login to the Blackboard link provided

2. Select "Courses" from the top right ribbon

3. Select "North Dakota University System" from the folders on the right

4. Scroll down until you find the NDUS-Data-Privacy option

5. Click on it and select "Enroll" from the drop-down options (NDUSDP is the access key)

Alternate path to Privacy Training:

  1. log into BlackBoard
  2. click MyUND
  3. Click UND Services & Training
  4. Click on UND Hoonuit (login)
  5. Use BlackBoard credentials to log in
  6. in the search bar, type FERPA
  7. click on FERPA Training

To skip step 1-4, go to

Assessment & Evaluation

This form can be used for multiple reasons:

  1. You see someone do something great in the building (woohoo!)
  2. You see something (in yourself or by others) that could be done better (whoops!)
  3. You recognize in yourself one of the first two *
  4. Your supervisor wants to let you know one of the first two

*When you fill one out, know that a "whoops" is not a bad thing! This is showing our Customer Service Standards of Accountability and Knowledgeability by recognizing areas you can improve on. This is a GOOD thing when it comes to evaluations, to know you saw it!

  • Our Learning Outcomes are based on what current businesses are looking for in recent college graduates. These are "soft skills" that cannot be taught in a classroom.
  • Advancement to Senior Student or PRC requires a baseline on the evaluation to even be considered for promotion.
  • Notice that the first column says "Novice"? There's a reason for this! We don't believe you can "fail" at something you have never done before.

When will I be evaluated?

  • The end of your first semester with us, to provide a baseline on how you're doing. Determination will also be made at this time if you will remain with the library.
  • Yearly, after this. Public Services does this one in November / December.