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Searching for Books

People can renew their checked out items if it's not past the due date. Direct them to this link for instructions:

Borrowing and Renewals:




Other Common Questions about books:

  • They can place holds on books online. We will pull the items the next morning and email the patron.

The Catalog (Primo Book+ Search) shows

  • Availability
  • Location
  • Format

Sometimes the catalog is straightforward:

Sometimes it is not straightforward

screen shot check holdings

The solution? Always click on Locations to get more complete information

Course Reserves are items set aside by the instructors for use in their class. These can be library books, their personal books, DVDs, or any number of other things! They are only on reserve per semester.

They have green or red stickers on their spines that tell you the Item # and the Professor. The color corresponds to whether or not the item may leave the library (think of stoplights: Green can go; Red stops at the door).

When they come to the desk, you DO NOT go look for "that red book with the silver letters" or "You know, that one book? For Miller's Class?" With sometimes hundreds of items on the shelf, you must go look for (for example) Clark 2.

How to look up a course reserve

We want to encourage our patrons to find the materials on their own. However, the first time they come up and need help finding the reserve number, TELL THEM that you will show them how to do it. Turn the screen so they can see it, and go to the library home page at

  • Click on Quick Links at the top of the screen.
  • Start typing "course reserves" - it will show up! Click that.
  • Type in the professor's name, the course name, or the book title
  • Show them the call number
    • If it's a library book, it will show the library call number, followed by parentheses including the professor's last name and a number - this is your call number.
    • If it's the professor's book, there will only be information in the parentheses

Checking it out

  • This must be checked out at either the Access Services Window or the Information Desk.
  • Self-check will not work with reserves or ILL items.


If you recognize the person (as in, they repeatedly come to the desk), give them a smile, and say something like "I know I've shown you a few times. I'm going to let you try it yourself this time. You can use the computers over in reference. If you have any trouble, just come on over and I'll help!"

  • Just like Course reserves, if there is a GREEN sticker, the patron is able to take the book out of the library. If there is a RED sticker, the book IS NOT allowed to leave the library. 
  • When checking out provide the patron with the red slips that are located at the front desk, write down the date it is due and the amount of time permitted by each book (it is stated on the colored sticker). 
  • Tell patrons to return the books to the front desk and NOT the book drops. 

The library holds the UND budget book.  In this document is a listing of all UND personnel and their projected salaries.  It is updated every other year.  It is commonly known as the Salary Book.

  • There is one copy on permanent reserve at access services: LD3974.U54 (UND)
    • A patron goes to Access Services and checks it out with their UND ID card for two hour in-library use
    • Unaffiliated users with no UND ID card should be sent to Special Collections if that department is open.  After hours, Access Services will let them use the book and hold a personal item such as keys if it is not too busy.
    • Access Services/Reference staff will not answer questions over the phone that refer to specifics within the book.  If Special Collections is open you can transfer the call to them (7-4625) where they will perform that service.
  • There is a copy in Special Collections
    • A patron can check one out for unlimited use within the department
    • Special Collections maintain all previous editions of the salary book as part of University Archives.  Any researcher wishing to examine salaries beyond the current fiscal year will need to visit them.
    • They will answer questions  relating to that book over the phone

Some books are in display spinning racks on the 2nd floor by Popular Reading and on 3rd floor by the DVDs. It's status will say display.:

These CAN be checked out UNLESS there is a special bookmark in them (Reference, Archives, Music Library items for example)

  • When scanned, it will say No Loan Permission. Ask your supervisor what to do.