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Welcome to the Chester Fritz Library!

This guide is designed to provide you with the basic information about the departments and our expectations for you while employed with us. Please make sure you become familiar with them. Policies do have some differences between full time staff and Student Library Assistants.

If you're new to Grand Forks, you may want to look over our Guide to Grand Forks for suggestions on food, faith, and / or fun. If you discover other things that should be included, please let your supervisor know!

Your supervisors

It's the responsibility of your supervisors to delegate duties and assign specific tasks. We will figure out hours, schedules, and be here to listen and discuss any problems you might encounter. If you have any questions or complaints, please feel free to discuss them with us. If you feel you cannot talk to your direct supervisor, please know you are welcome to talk to any other full-time person within the building. We're here to help you succeed!

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CFL. (2021). Chester Fritz Library policy and training Research Guide.

Knowledge Commons

The Knowledge Commons is the five metal desks at the center of second floor. The Information Desk is the most forward facing desk. This is our "home base," with the forward center desk being the Information Desk. Once you are trained, you will be able to work at this position, but customer service and knowing the library are key to working this desk!

Please review The Knowledge Commons guide for more information about expectations and partners.



Microsoft Teams

We use Microsoft Office Teams for communication, project assignments, and documents we're working on.

  • All students get a tab on the Student Projects excel sheet.
    • Please look at how some of them have been filled out. If your supervisor or a librarian has a task for you, they will add it to this document. You will fill out what was completed on a given day for it and when it is finished.
  • We also have pictures of you and your majors - this is so those you may not work with will still know who you are! Maybe you'll work with them in a coming semester.

You will be provided some training on how to use Teams. You may also go to this training site.