CFL Student Employee Training

information for student employees

Returning to work

Coming back to work in a world of uncertainty can cause anxiety and fear. The staff at CFL are doing everything they can to ensure safety, including setting up new work flows and policies. This section of our guide will address some of these changes.

Karlene is available at any time to discuss concerns or fears about the work environment or anxiety about the workplace. She will be working with everyone to make accommodations as available and possible. Please share both worries and ideas - this is a work in progress!

There are campus options for counseling services  if you would like to utilize them. Mental health care is just as important as physical health. Your supervisors will work with you if appointments end up scheduled during work shifts.

Student Employees and masks

UND strongly encourages all members of the University community, including students, to get vaccinated and model positive behavior both on- and off-campus in order to foster a healthy and safe learning environment for all students.  Individuals who would like to discuss disability accommodations regarding face coverings should contact the Disability Services for Students (DSS) office at 701-777-2664 or Individuals who are unable to wear a face covering due to a sincerely held religious belief should contact the UND Equal Opportunity and Title IX Office at 701.777.4171 or


From Provost Link:

UND is committed to maintaining a safe learning environment while providing quality learning experiences for our students. COVID-19’s continued presence within our UND community may necessitate changes in classroom management as the academic year progresses. As such, UND asks students and instructors to be flexible when necessary to promote a safe environment for learning. Please do not attend an in-person class or lab if you are feeling ill, particularly if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or if you have been directed by health professionals to quarantine or isolate. If you are not able to attend class or lab, please notify your instructor as soon as possible and discuss options for making up any missed work in order to ensure your ability to succeed in the course. If you will have an extended absence due to serious illness or other uncontrollable circumstances, you may request an absence notification through the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Similarly, if your instructor is ill they may need to cancel class or temporarily move your course to online delivery to ensure that you are able to complete the course successfully.  Instructors may require students to wear masks in the classroom or in the laboratory as a preventative measure designed to facilitate uninterrupted classroom engagement and to facilitate health and safety in the classroom.   If your instructor does require masks in class or in a laboratory, you are expected to comply with that request.

UND also strongly encourages all members of the University community, including students, to get vaccinated, seek out testing when needed, and model positive behavior both on- and off-campus to foster a healthy and safe learning environment for all students. Individuals who would like to discuss disability accommodations regarding masks should contact the Disability Services for Students (DSS) office at 701-777-2664 or Individuals who are unable to wear a mask due to a sincerely held religious belief should contact the UND Equal Opportunity and Title IX Office at 701.777.4171 or

The above language, for your convenience, has also been added to the course policies that import into your syllabus when using SYL. SYL is newly available software that assists faculty in quickly creating consistent, easily updated, and accurate syllabi and provides students with accessible syllabi in a searchable central archive. For more information about using SYL please visit TTaDA’s Academic Technologies site and for upcoming training opportunities, see TTaDA’s current programming schedule.

Respectfully, and with best wishes for a great upcoming spring semester,

Eric - 12/19/22


PPE is Personal Protective Equipment.

UND has a Coronavirus Blog that keeps everyone up to date on the latest happening on campus.

  • Masks by staff and patrons while in campus buildings are encouraged as of 8/22/22.
    • CDC recommends universal indoor masking for all teachers, staff, students, and visitors to schools, regardless of vaccination status.
    • The correct way to wear them is to cover the mouth and nose completely - especially while speaking to another person!
    • We are not currently walking around to check this, but DO provide a mask if they ask at the desk (8/16/21).
      What if they say they have a medical condition to not wear a mask?
      • See the box above - they need to contact DSS.
      • Many people working in the building also have medical conditions. We're still wearing masks.
        • Karlene is a prime example. With only 59% lung function, breathing with a mask on is a severe challenge for her. She still does it. Feel free to use her as an example.
  • Plexiglass barriers are installed across all public desks.
  • Self Check Machines are installed. See more in Circulation Information


  • If we return to everyone needing to be masked, when patrons come into the building with no mask (or take it off while at a table) please follow Respect and Communication outcomes by using the following order:
    • "If you wish the library to remain open, you do need to wear your mask."
    • "Please mask up or leave the building."
    • Call the police to come remove them
    • We have held a zero tolerance policy for non-compliance. If you are uncomfortable or feel unsafe at any point with doing these steps, immediately involve your supervisor. We're happy to step in.

Angry patrons / patrons yelling or acting in a threatening manner

Generally, our patrons are amazing. However, they are facing the same fears and concerns we all are. This fear can create situations where they lash out in anger (almost always verbal). Anything may trigger a person to react in anger during times of stress. This section is to remind you about our customer service standards. Please go back and review that section of the guide one more time!

Here are a few reminders from our training:

  • If you are just starting your training at the front desk, IMMEDIATELY ask someone more trained to take over.
    • This is NOT a case where Karlene wants you to "give it a try."
  • Never raise your voice. This is key to bringing their voices back down!
  • Eye contact and nod
    • Pay attention to whether they are escalating - it could be seen as a sign of aggression to someone in a heightened emotional state
  • Keep your hands relaxed and visible on the countertop
  • Repeat back what you hear them saying
    • "What I hear you saying is..."
    • "If I understand correctly..."
  • If at any point in a conversation you feel uncomfortable or afraid for your own safety (listen to that little voice! Don't wait - the minute you are uncomfortable), call in a co-worker or a supervisor.
    • This is as simple as having Teams chat open and typing "help - upset patron - Info Desk" or "help - I'm uncomfortable / afraid - Info Desk" to anyone in the building. This provides some measure of context for the person contacted so they know what they are walking into.
    • Key people to reach out to in order:
      • Access:
        • Karlene
        • Stan (or Jay at night)
        • Chris (depending on the concern)
        • Sally Dockter (Assistant Dean)
        • Stephanie Walker (Dean of Libraries)
      • Our PRCs - they were Seniors before moving into their position!
        • Either chat to them you need help (I know they'll be right behind you) or, if you turn to them, you don't want to say anything rude about the patron ("This person is angry about something," for example). Say instead, "Joe, could you come listen to Jane's concern?" That term - "concern" - validates the patron!
      • Reference Librarians - they are ALWAYS willing to assist you!
        • Brittany
        • Kristen
        • Any of the others
      • Other department heads
        • Curt Hanson (Special Collections)
        • Shelby Harken (Technical Services)
        • Will Martin (Information Technology)
      • Other department student supervisors
        • Danae Snavely (Technical Services - she was a senior student in the building at one time!)
        • Brian Baier (Special Collections)

How long the virus lives on paper products is still being contested. Some sources say 24 hours, some say 72 hours. For our safety, the following procedures have been put in place:

  • Book drops
    • These will be handled at regular intervals instead of every time a book is seen.
    • Gloves must be worn
    • Once books are checked in, they go into a labeled box in front of Jay's desk
      • Note he has four boxes - you will be shown which boxes to use on which days
  • Information Desk
    • If patrons return a book to you here, there will be a book truck at the "entrance" to the area they may place the book on
    • When the cart starts to fill up (1-2 moderately full shelves)
      • Gloves!
      • Check them in
      • Take them to the boxes in front of Jay's desk
  • Interfiling and Shelving
    • At this point, the books have been through quarantine and are considered safe to handle. No gloves required.

Librarians will no longer be staffing a physical desk. Instead, the PRCs will have a desk in the Knowledge Commons behind you. If there is no PRC, you will need to contact a librarian to assist the patron. There is a Consultation Room next to Karlene's office, but due to COVID distancing protocol, the room is not large enough for two people to use at the same time.

How to proceed:

  • Karlene can be referred to first if she's in her office.
  • The reference librarians' "on call" schedule will be in our Teams channel - learn who you are to contact for the shift you work.
    • Tell the patron "due to COVID restrictions, the librarian will send you a Zoom invite. May I have your email for them to contact you please?"
      • Once you have it: "Great / Thanks / Appreciate it. We have a Consultation Room <right there>." (Point out the location). "Once you're signed into the computer / your laptop, the librarian will be ready to assist you."
    • Chat the librarian: <> has a reference question. Please Zoom

Reminder that the Information Desk is a work in progress! We're still developing our best practices and your input will be invaluable for this during the fall semester!



This includes:

  • Self check machines
  • Knowledge Commons counters
  • Keyboards
  • Other items as assigned



  • Wipe down your work station when you come on shift
  • Wipe down your work station at the end of your shift

There are wipes at the Information Desk, the Reserves Desk, and near the public printer, along with other locations in the building. If they are running out or empty, please let Chris know.