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Faculty Resources: Chester Fritz Library

Support for your teaching and research

Subject Librarians

Are you looking for research and publishing support?

Subject librarians provide specialized research assistance within their areas of expertise.

Contact your subject librarian for more information on how we can help.

Foundation Directory Online

Are you looking for funding opportunities to support your research?


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Scholarly Communication

Scholarly communication concerns all the ways academics can alert their colleagues about their work, including formal channels such as publishing in journals and more informal methods such as social media posts. The library has a guide which explains all the aspects of scholarly communication - the image below was taken from that guide and explains the communication cycle.

Visit the guide or contact the Scholarly Communication subject librarian for more information about how the library can help you.

flow chart of schol comm

Digital Humanities and UND Scholarly Commons

Digital Humanities
  • Want assistance with digitizing a research project? 
  • Need help managing, preserving, or tagging a digital collection you’ve created? 
  • Want to improve the accessibility of your work?

UND has a campus online repository, called the Scholarly Commons. Scholarly output in the repository has been deposited by individuals, university departments, and the various centers on campus. The repository makes academic work available to others and tracks the downloads to assist with scholarly metrics.

The library has an archival-quality scanner to facilitate online availability of scholarly work.

Library staff are trained in standardized metadata, working with digital collections and making them more accessible, dealing with long-term preservation issues, and understanding technology concerns. 

For more information, contact Zeineb Yousif, Digital Initiatives Librarian.

Publishing & Communicating Research

Helpful Research Guides for Publishing Support 

The links below take you to other research guides with information on publishing support.

Organizing and Citing Resources

Citation Managers

There are many different ways to organize your references, but the easiest way is through a citation manager. Citation managers allow us to save, organize, and share articles and references. A few of the citation managers that the library promotes are Zotero, Mendeley, and EndNote; EndNote is a subscription-based citation manager, Zotero and Mendeley are free to use. Find more general information in the Citation Managers Research Guide and find more in-depth guidance for getting started with a free citation manager in the Zotero Research Guide.

Citation Styles 

The library has created a citation styles guide for additional information on the different citation styles. Find more information in the Citation Styles Research Guide.

Ethical Use of Sources and Writing

The subject of plagiarism is complex and this guide addresses it for students and faculty in a more positive manner by empowering writers with knowledge to avoid common pitfalls. The Ethical Use of Sources and Writing Guide also contains a basic tutorial that can be assigned. Referrals to other campus entities that support learning about this topic is included.