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Best Practices for Communicating Your Research

Learn about manuscript types (e.g., studies, reviews, meta-analyses), defining authorship, searching the literature, pre-registering hypotheses, registering systematic review protocol, making research transparent, and creating an open science lab.

This Guide is for :

Assisting you, as an early-career researcher, in:

  • identifying the type of manuscript to write to communicate and publish your research;
  • developing literature search and organizational strategies appropriate for your manuscript type.


Helping you to engage in transparent qualitative or quantitative research and open science by:

  • pre-registering hypotheses;
  • registering systematic review protocol; 
  • creating open science research labs.

Step 1: Your Manuscript

A brief overview of manuscript types: The type of manuscript (article) you write and attempt to publish depends on the type of research you will be conducting.

Step 2: Authorship

An overview on the current scholarly debate on authorship and author inflation as well as links to accepted authorship guidelines and best practices.

Step 3: Research Transparency

Designing your research? Make it transparent while you do so! This page discusses the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of research transparency, and includes a list of checklists, tools, and other resources to help you make your research transparent through transparent reporting checklists, pre-registration, registered reports, open materials, open data, and open access publishing.


References & Resources

Includes references cited in the text throughout this guide as well as additional scholarly resources to provide you with more in-depth and discipline-specific information on the topics covered.

Additional resources are provided on individual pages, including Library Books.