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Publishing Strategies

Scholarly Communication: Publishing Strategies

Publishing Strategies

This guide discusses developing publishing strategies in relation to Promotion and Tenure and increasing your research impact globally.

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With constant changes and the fast pace of modern day Scholarly Communication and the use of altmetrics to gauge research impact, a Publishing Strategy can really be redefined and broadened to a become a Scholarly Communication strategy, in other words, a strategy to communicate your research and scholarly endeavors.

Remember to also visit the Author's Rights Research Guide - Alternative Publishing Options.

Scholarly Communication Goal Lifecycle: Communicate well; communicate openly; communicate for impact; communicate innovatively; communicate early; communicate oftenThe above adapted from the 2016 Monash University Library's "Developing a successful publishing strategy" workshop by Romney Adams, Ellen O'Hehir and Anne Holloway.

Consider your Strategy

Often we think of publishing as only meaning traditional scholarly journal articles, however the publishing and research impact landscape encompasses much more than that. Consider the following aspects:

  • Conference attendance
  • Conference papers and posters
  • Self-promotion (Researcher Profiles)
  • Research longevity
  • Research impact (metrics and altmetrics)
  • Research quality
  • Parallel streams of publishing (quick methods like conferences or community service vs. traditional journal publication deadlines)
  • Know who your readers are and target them
  • Open Access publishing

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