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Language Learning

How to Use This Research Guide

This guide is meant to assist you in your global language proficiency. 

Use the  green  navigation tabs for more specific resources. Each language tab on the left contains:

  • language learning and practice resources

  • reference materials and dictionaries 

  • in-library resources

  • other resources specific to the language

Information on global language literature, films and course assignments are on a separate guide. The Linguistics guide includes world languages.

Rocket Languages


  • If you are currently residing in North Dakota*
    • Click on the above link to get to the online platform
    • Use the REGISTER NOW link
    • Enter your UND ID Number for the library card number
    • Fill in the rest of the fields and create your login credentials

Level 1

Takes you to a good conversational level of your selected language. Teaches you basics first, then gives a comprehensive beginners course.


Let's get you talking! The best way to get started with a language is to try out all the different types of lessons that are in the course. You can do that in the "Get Started" module.

  • Audio Lessons: 15 to 40 minute audio tracks that you can stream or download. 
  • Language & Culture Lessons: Step-by-step explanations and audio examples, giving you valuable insight into culture.
  • Writing Lessons: Learn how to both read and write in said language.
  • Survival Kit Lessons: Provide you with essential vocabulary that you need in order to survive in said Country.
  • Tools: Track progress, test your knowledge & archive new vocabulary/phrases. Tutors available for assistance.

Languages Offered

  • American Sign Language: 7 Modules
  • Aprende Ingles9 Modules
  • Arabic (Egyptian): 9 Modules
  • Chinese (Mandarin): 9 Modules
  • English9 Modules
  • French9 Modules
  • German9 Modules
  • Hindi9 Modules
  • Italian: 8 Modules
  • Japanese: 9 Modules
  • Korean9 Modules
  • Portuguese (Brazilian): 9 Modules
  • Russian9 Modules
  • Spanish9 Modules

*This resource is paid by the State Library of North Dakota as a service to its residents.

More Learning Resources

Grand Forks Public

The public library has extensive collections for language learning and travel, they have:

  • Books
  • CD/Audiobooks
  • DVDs
  • Transparent Language
    • Online lessons for over 120 languages
    • English-learner resources

UND Students can apply for a library card online and start using these materials if we don't have what you need!