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Global Language Literatures

Literature, Film, Couse Assignments in Languages

German Literature Resources

Reference Materials give you a general overview of German literatures, language, history and culture.

Selections below are in English, but you can search for works in German by using the Advanced Search and choosing "German" from the list of languages.

Internet Resources

Online sources for German literature.

Films in German

There are a number of German language films in the library's collection.The DVD's are on the third floor of the library and can be checked out with your student ID just like books! (Make sure to check out the popular releases when you're there, too!). 

Disclaimer: Make sure to check the Region number of the DVD you are going to check out. When viewing DVDs manufactured outside the U.S./North America ...DVD's produced in other countries are manufactured using a different format than those made in the U.S.  Most computers and modern DVD players can easily accommodate these formats.  Manufacturers also include region codes which prevent DVDs manufactured in one region from being played on computer equipment from another region.  The Chester Fritz Library has dedicated computer equipment which can play those non-US DVDs which have region codes other than 1 (North America) or 0 (no region code--may be played on any equipment).  The settings on your personal computer will be permanently adjusted if you attempt to play DVDs with region codes other than 0 or 1.  Once these codes are reset on your computer (typically automatic after about 5 viewings), you will not be able to adjust it back, nor will you be able to view DVDs made in the U.S., which will likely be your more typical viewing preference.  Please use library equipment only for viewing international DVDs.