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Publishing Strategies

Scholarly Communication: Publishing Strategies

Journal & Publisher Quality

Discover databases and tools for journal, article, book, and researcher metrics with the Research Impact – Metrics Research Guide and the Altmetrics Research Guide.

Where is your research?

Are citations to your research outputs and endeavors all over the place? Use Google Scholar, ORCID ID, and/or Publish or Perish to find, organize, collocate, and manage them.

What's in a name?

How is your name reflected in researcher authority records? If you are like most researchers, it is represented in diverse formats in a variety of databases. Let ORCID ID help you. 

ORCID ID (visit this page to register) has become a standard "go to" for scholars, peers and the publishing industry to identify you and your research.

ORCID can:

  • Create a unique ID (ORCID ID) for every researcher
  • Connect your IDs and citations across platforms like Web of Science, Scopus, CrossRef, and more
  • Formulate citation counts and researcher h-indices from this data
  • Identify you to colleagues and peers, letting them know where to find your research

Research Visibility

How visible is your research? Do your peers know where to find it? Are you able to demonstrate that your work is being viewed? You can ensure that it is widely available and easily accessed by depositing your work in the UND Scholarly Commons.

UND Scholarly Commons

UND Scholarly Commons is UND’s open access institutional repository. It is administered by the Chester Fritz Library and provides a unified institutional home for research conducted at UND.

Not sure what you can deposit?

  • UND Scholarly Commons accepts any work of research or archival value conducted by UND faculty, staff, and students. If you have a collection of works (e.g., a dataset of research videos, or a collection of archival photographs) contact Zeineb Yousif (below) to set up a consultation.

What about research I've already published?

  • Most publishers will allow you to deposit a version of your journal articles or book chapters on an institutional repository. E-mail Zeineb Yousif your CV and a signed copy of the Scholarly Commons Permission form (below) and the library will conduct a rights analysis on your CV and add all works that we are legally able to deposit.