Open Educational Resources (OER)

Grants Available for UND

University of North Dakota Open Educational Resources (OER) Implementation Grant Initiative

Student Senate, in collaboration with the Provost, Vice President of Academic Affairs is providing $100,000 in funding for faculty selecting and implementing OERs in their course. The maximum grant awarded per course is $3,000.

Deadline for proposal submission is April 14, 2017.

Proposal Submission Form

Open Access

What is Open Access (OA)?

Open access (OA) publications allow everyone free, online, digital access to scholarly works that they can read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or share. 

Find a more in depth definition at the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI).


Green Open Access

Researchers can deposit a version of their published work into a subject-based repository or an institutional repository. 


Gold Open Access

Researchers publish in an Open Access journal, where the publisher of the scholarly journal provides free online access. 

Everyone, everywhere, everything benefits!


  • Your research is easier to access. 
  • It's read more.
  • It's cited more.


  • Can access more information.
  • Timely access to the newest research.
  • Better access to information, more informed research, better research. 


  • Can access research to master their field no matter what university or institute they attend. 


  • Can provide access to articles and journals without being hamstrung by journal pricing. 


  • Better access to information. 
  • More informed doctors, teachers, journalists, etc. 
  • Better informed individuals. 

Free online availability substantially increases a paper's impact

Comparing the Impact of Open Access (OA) vs. Non-OA Articles in the Same Journals