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Chester Fritz Library Research How Tos

Provides information on library research

Ebsco Database Permalinks

Many databases provide a permalink (permanent link) to the article. The EBSCO permalinks are the easiest to locate and best to use because they are formatted for both on or off campus access.

Here is how Academic Search Complete looks:

1) Click the Article Title 


2) Look to the Right. Click on the Permalink Icon 




3) Copy and paste the permalink URL to get back to this page:

permalink displayed in ebsco

Library Search Permalinks

Library Search also generates permalinks that work on or off campus.  If you want to log in and save results, visit this instruction for signing in.

1) Click on the three dots ( ... ) to the right of the article title 

title display showing three dots to click

2) Click on Permalink

3) Copy and Paste the Permalink URL

title display after clicking three dots to show permalink option


Other Database Permalinks

Other databases may offer permalinks - look for the chain link icon.

However, not all permalinks are formatted for off-campus access. Visit the library webpage for a Proxy Generator which will create a better permalink. 

Ask us for assistance if you have any questions.