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What is GIS?

What is GIS?

GIS stands for ‘Geographical Information System’.

"A GIS consists of:

  • Digital Data –– the geographical information that you will view and analyse using computer hardware and software.

  • Computer Hardware –– computers used for storing data, displaying graphics and processing data.

  • Computer Software –– computer programs that run on the computer hardware and allow you to work with digital data. A software program that forms part of the GIS is called a GIS Application.

With a GIS application you can open digital maps on your computer, create new spatial information to add to a map, create printed maps customised to your needs and perform spatial analysis."


To see an excellent example of a collaborative mapping project at UND that uses ArcGIS, check out the North Dakota Digital Atlas!

QGIS (n.d.). A Gentle Introduction to GIS.

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